Types of Yoga Poses

Build balance and concentration for your yoga practice with this series of Balancing Yoga Poses. Join Meddy Teddy as we go step-by-step through these yoga postures. A mindful journey awaits. 

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Having a strong core is fundamental to having a good yoga practice. With a strong core, the student protects his lower back from taking too much stress. With these yoga postures, yogis will have a strong and stable center..

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Arm Balancing Yoga Postures require a lot of strength, focus, flexibility and a strong core. Plank Pose is a great place to start if you are new to Arm Balances.

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In this series of yoga postures, we will learn some of Meddy's favorite Chest Opening Yoga Poses. These poses are wonderful for core strength and stability.

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These postures connect to many flows and vinyasas. They are great for opening your lower back and freeing up tension in that area. Forward Folds stretch your legs and calve muscles. Let's join Meddy to learn some of these fun yoga poses.

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We store a lot of stress in our hips. In this series of stretches Meddy will teach us how to get into some of his favorite Hip Opening Yoga Poses.

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An inversion is any time your heart is above your head. These poses are known for bringing fresh blood and oxygen throughout your body by getting upside down.

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Restorative yoga poses help you get into meditation. You hold these poses longer than other types of poses to enter into a mindful state.

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These poses bring all of your strength and concentration to a seated posture such as lotus.

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This series of yoga postures builds strength in your legs and purifies the soul. There are a lot of Standing Yoga Postures to cover, so let's get busy.

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