Meddy Teddy - Original Yoga Teddy Bear

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What's a better way to learn yoga than having a yogi partner by your side? 

If you want your kids to embrace a healthy and mindful life, introducing them to meditation, yoga and exercise can be a great start. But it's hard to catch the attention of kids, isn't it? All they want is to have fun. So why not find them a cool partner while you teach them the art of yoga? Bring home Meddy Teddy– a fun and interactive plush toy your kids will totally adore. The teddy bear has a unique internal frame, that allows it to recreate various yoga positions. 

From kids to adults– there's hardly anyone who is not fond of this soft and cuddly bear. Meddy can make your life a lot easier. Not just by teaching yoga, but also by keeping your children engaged all throughout the day. Meddy is 37 cm tall, and he is quite a fashion icon. The yogi bear wears stylish and comfortable leggings that allow him to be flexible. 

So what are you waiting for? Let your kids take inspiration from Meddy to become as healthy and happy as him!

A portion of sales of Meddy Teddy goes to the Meddy Teddy Foundation.

Meddy's journey began in 2016 after a trip to India by three brothers inspired the creation of our Meddy Teddy plush bear. These brothers, all heart-centered and equally concerned for the health and wellness of their friends, family, and community, believed deeply that a soft, bendable, yoga-centric playmate would be a beautiful way to bring their own core belief that a mindful being is a balanced, proactive being too. 

Our Mission

All over the world kids and parents are practicing yoga, mindfulness, and meditation with Meddy Teddy. Did you notice that our sweet bear, Meddy, has his eyes closed? That's Meddy's way of reminding us to go within and to find our own 'inner teddy' with a sense of calm, a feeling of being grounded and a gentle lifting of our spirit.

Parents throughout the world can now bring their very own Meddy Teddy into their home, yoga studios, children's classrooms, and community centers to share the love of their practice with all the little ones (and grownup ones too). 

Not only will bringing Meddy Teddy into your child's daily routine provide a sense of love and connectedness, but Meddy teaches kids the benefits of yoga by bending his soft, furry body into different yogic poses and shares enlightenment through his sweet stories and Meddytations.



Meddy Teddy - Original Yoga Teddy Bear
Meddy Teddy - Original Yoga Teddy Bear
Meddy Teddy - Original Yoga Teddy Bear - Meddy Teddy

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