We hope to inspire teachers to have more fun with their students, to play more, create more, smile more, and help raise kids who are confident and happy.

Meddy Teddy comes with a smile to help others smile. We believe healthy kids laugh more, smile more, and learn more. Meddy Teddy is here to give kids the best in life, it's our just cause.

Some toys today are fleeting at best, cheap thrills that hold no meaning, push a violent or unsure agenda. Meddy Teddy is a toy that can go anywhere, be loved everywhere, and help create anything in your imagination.

Meddy Teddy is here for the long haul, to do the right things, build the right following, and give them the tools to help their cause.

We serve people all over the world with Meddy Teddy's in over 50 countries. Our message of happy kids resonates and we hope you join our cause to further kids yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and healthy kids.

Want to join our cause? Let us know info@meddyteddy.com or call Mike at 323 999 4249.

From our family to yours and the generations of families to come, bearmaste.