Meddy Teddy's journey began in 2016 after a trip to India inspired the creation of our Meddy Teddy plush bear. As a family business, heart-centered and concerned for the health and wellness of friends, family, and community, we believe that our soft, bendable, yoga-centric playmate is a beautiful way to share our core belief that a mindful being is a balanced, proactive being too.

Our Mission

     All over the world kids and parents are practicing yoga, mindfulness, and meditation with Meddy Teddy. Did you notice that our sweet bear, Meddy, has his eyes closed? That's Meddy's way of reminding us to go within and to find our own 'inner teddy' with a sense of calm, a feeling of being grounded and a gentle lifting of our spirit.

     Parents throughout the world can now bring their very own Meddy Teddy into their home, yoga studios, children's classrooms, and community centers to share the love of their practice with all the little ones (and grownup ones too).  Not only will bringing Meddy Teddy into your child's daily routine provide a sense of love and connectedness, but Meddy teaches kids the benefits of yoga by bending his soft, furry body into different yogic poses and shares enlightenment through his sweet stories and Meddytations.