Yoga is fun

“Wait, who is Meddy Teddy?”

Glad you asked! Meddy Teddy is a 100% posable (and totally adorable) teddy bear designed to help teachers and parents teach kids about yoga and mindfulness.

He's a conversation starter, a role model, and a yoga buddy. Meddy Teddy will help change thousands of children's lives by increasing self-esteem, empathy, attention, calmness and the list goes on.

Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear
Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear

They are so cute, my nieces loved them. The bears encouraged them to be mindful and open to new experiences and ways of seeing the world.

Jocelyn E.

I fell in love immediately with my Meddy Teddy!! Such a sweet face and quality of all of it's movable parts!!

Sherry L.