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Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy helps kids around the world lead healthier, more loving lives through yoga, meddytation, and mindfulness practices. He's fully posable with an internal frame allowing him to bend into lots of yoga positions. Meddy is happy sitting in lotus on your desk or doing yoga with a room full of kids. He's here to make yoga, meditation, and mindfulness cool and fun. 

He comes wearing one pair of zen white yoga pants.

Pre-Order Now and get your bear(s) by the end of November.

We currently fulfilled orders from Meddy's Indiegogo up until September 4th. All orders placed from September 4th on will be delivered by the end of November.

Meddy is the vision of 3 brothers, Mike, Tim, Tom, mom Debbie and brother in law, Josh. We believe that through Meddy, kids and adults will have a way to connect and play enriching their time together. 


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Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids
yoga and mindfulness

Meddy’s mission is to help kids around the world lead healthier, more mindful lives through yoga and meditation practice! 

The secret is out: scientific studies abound that support yoga and mindfulness have very real and measurable positive effects on young minds and bodies. To name a few:

  • Improves self-control
  • Reduces anger, anxiety and depression
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Improves academic performance, learning and memory