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Yoga and Mindfulness for Kids
yoga and mindfulness

Meddy’s mission is to help kids around the world lead healthier, more mindful lives through yoga and meditation practice! 

The secret is out: scientific studies abound that support yoga and mindfulness have very real and measurable positive effects on young minds and bodies. To name a few:

  • Improves self-control
  • Reduces anger, anxiety and depression
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Improves academic performance, learning and memory 

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      Meddy Teddy

      Meddy helps parents and teachers broach big topics like mindfulness, self-trust, and peacefulness—just to name a few—in a way that kids find accessible and fun. And Yoga is a perfect low-impact, gateway to fitness that can teach kids the importance of flexibility, muscle development and positive body image.

      Meddy Teddy has almost finished production and will be on his way to USA headquarters! Estimated delivery for USA orders are early August. International orders are mid August. You will get a tracking number email once your order has shipped! None have shipped yet.