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Cindy Marten


Meddy Teddy
Kristen Logan
Love it

My kids love the Meddy Teddy and posing him to match their yoga poses !

Kids Yoga Mat - Meddy Teddy Yoga Mat for Kids

Meddy Teddy
Eunice Beattie
We love this bear

The meddy teddy bear is so cute, can do all the yoga poses, and my kids (and I) love it

Meddy Teddy
Alison Berkery
Kids yoga 💛

Meddy Teddy plays a huge role in all my kids and toddler yoga classes! He is seated right next to me during class ; at least until a child grabs him 😊 Meddy shows the students how to begin class in our butterfly pose and I use him to demonstrate poses all during class . He also visits he student from time to time with kisses! I absolutely love using my Meddy Teddy!

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
melissa paulo
All I imagined!

Meddy Teddy immediately Brought joy into our household. As a holistic practitioner I understand the importance of teaching out children a mindfulness practice from a young age. I am so excited to have Meddy Teddy grow with our family as a buddy through deepening our connection to self and others. The quality and capability of the bear is exactly as promised. Thanks Meddy Teddy!

They Open Doors & People Smile!

We have two Meddy Teddys - Meddy Liam and Meddy Luke. Both were adopted because we were following several on Instagram and we had to get two of own as well. We travel often and take with us both Meddy Teddies plus their pink sloth buddy, Rosie Sue. No matter where we are, when we bring them out to create content, people around us always smile and soon a conversation begins. Oh, Do we do yoga? Well, kinda...sorta. Honestly, we're sorta better at storytelling with our two much loved Meddy Teddy bears!

Sweet Bear Brings Mindfulness to the Home

We absolutely love our Meddy Teddies and how they have helped us place mindfulness as a priority in our home! With a one year old, nine year old, and eleven year old, our Meddy Teddy pals each hold a special place in our hearts and within our daily needs. From cuddles and breathing practice to yoga and stretching/meditation, it is amazing how motivated my children become when working with their bears.

I would highly recommend the Meddy Teddy for families with children of all ages. They come with beautiful instructions and encouragement, helping both parents and children get started with living a mindful life.

We can’t wait to check out more of the books in the future (the gratitude journal is a beautiful first book!), and I know my new go-to for my children’s friend’s birthday gifts!

Thank you, Meddy Teddy!!

Meddy Teddy
Chloe Dixon
Meddy Teddy is my new BFF!

I found Meddy Teddy at the Sedona Yoga Festival and I am in love! Not only is he just super adorable, but is such a great tool for helping to engage kids of all ages in learning about yoga, meditation and mindfulness. He is well constructed and easy to bend and pose. I can't wait to get his books and share those as well!

Meddy Teddy
Jacquelyn Jones
I love this bear!

I am a yoga instructor and mother of 3! I bought one for my youngest daughter and she loves him! I ended up buying 4 more! Two for my teenagers, who also love him, 1 for me lol and 1 for my studio!!

Meddy my assistant!

Meddy Teddy helps me teach all my mindset mentorships, mindfulness and yoga classes. He is the absolute best assistant and friend ! All the children adore him.

Meddy Teddy
Hannah Conochan
So cute!

Bought a Meddy Teddy at the Sedona Yoga festival for my baby boy due in November and I can’t wait to give it to him!

Meddy Teddy
Jennifer Goodman

I am in love my Meddy Teddy!

I got one for myself 1st and then got 3 more to give to some children in my life that I know will love this Teddy as much as I do.
What a sweet & genius creation!

A great way to introduce yoga to kids in a fun way and a great addition for any yoga lover's life.

I'm also excited to get some of the books!

Thank you Meddy Teddy creators!

Meddy Teddy
Pilates Bear

Meddy is a perfect match for the Pilates I use him for. The articulation is endless and that serene face makes every move look effortless. He brings so much joy to my life and his followers. I’ve never regretted getting him.

Meddy Teddy is amazing

I got Meddy many years ago and used him often in my work with teens. I have recently rediscovered him and started using him to demonstrate how to create accessible yoga poses and also how to demonstrate somatic experiencing tools for self regulation. I just received the new Meddy Teddy and am BLOWN AWAY but his new skills and ease with which I can move him around. I’m excited to show him supporting my older Meddy who is less flexible and needs more support!

Meddy Teddy
Michelle Cruz
My favorite yoga buddy

As a yoga teacher I am blessed to have this beautiful and flexible Meddy Teddy by my side. With every moment is a way to feel calmness, and this bear will surely provide that to all ages.

Meddy Teddy
Krissy Benson
Meddy Teddy

I am very pleased with the quality of my Meddy Teddy. The concept behind it brings joy to my day. Love that you are able to move the arms and legs to different stable positions throughout the day which gives off a positive mindset & function for active play.

Meddy Teddy
Stephanie Tam
The most peaceful smile I’ve ever seen!

I’m a super fan of Meddy Teddy. I was attracted by his big smile and immediately ordered two bears! And my Meddy family is getting bigger. Now, we have 4 Meddy Teddy and 2 mini Meddy Teddy.

Besides their smiles, the postures they can do are amazing! They are the best dolls to teach kids even adults to do yoga poses. Their balance is pretty good.

I’m looking forward to seeing the girl version of Meddy and more products too.

Meddy Teddy
Jimin Choi
A Mindful Companion for All Ages

As an avid yoga practitioner, teacher and mindfulness enthusiast, I have discovered a companion that has truly revolutionized my kid’s yoga practice - Meddy Teddy.

Meddy Teddy is an exceptional companion for mindfulness and yoga practices, captivating both children and adults alike. Its impeccable craftsmanship, posability, and accompanying mindfulness book make it an essential tool for cultivating serenity and self-awareness. The bear's durability and perfect size allow for seamless interaction, while its ability to demonstrate various poses fosters a deeper understanding of mindfulness. Meddy Teddy's lovable nature and engaging stories make it an instant favorite among children, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery. Embrace the joy, tranquility, and wisdom that Meddy Teddy brings into your life - a truly remarkable and transformative addition to any mindfulness routine.

Meddy Teddy
Nghin Clark
Love him!

I received Meddy Teddy this week and we are all in love with him. He's a very high quality teddy that can do many poses. My kids loved seeing him after reading the books almost every night. It was almost like they were star struck. I can't wait to add clothes to his wardrobe and bring him to classes with me to teach yoga. I highly recommend the investment if you're an educator or work with kids because he can get into so many poses to demo.

Meddy Teddy
Victoria Waits
Inspiring imagination and inclusivity.

I am a yoga teacher based in the UK and have been teaching for 10 years, my son who is now 7 has been surrounded by yoga and mindfulness his whole life and we are now sharing family yoga classes together to help make yoga accessible to all. He had his meddy teddy book at aged 3 and loves to do the poses and share with others, I brought meddy teddy a week ago and he is in love and so happy to have a companion that he can take every where with him, to practice with him, to adventure with him, to remind him to find calm, to smile, to breathe. We are in love with his bendable limbs and surprised by the size when it arrived! Lovely quality and very happy with our purchase, thank you so much! We hope to you can join us for online classes with meddy in the future!

Meddy Teddy
Aleksandra H.
The best inspiring toy!

As a ex pro athlete I want my daughter to be inspired and motivated to follow the healthy lifestyle and do sport from the early age. I think it’s so significant for kids to have toys that help them to learn that health is so important. Meddy Teddy is a great toy that will help me to educate my daughter and have some fun! We love it so much! On the picture you see our bunny who loves to be around us and participate in every activity we have!

Our new “timeout” buddy

I have been searching for a toy to make a “timeout” experience more positive for my kids when they are having a difficult time controlling their emotions and sometimes their bodies. I wanted a buddy they could have during these moments that would help to calm them. I love that Meddy teddy is completely posable to keep their hands busy while also a soft friend to snuggle. As they get older we will incorporate some calming positions that Meddy Teddy can do with them to further help them center their minds and bodies so they can come back and we can calmly discuss the issue.

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Rosemary Driscoll
Delightful Little Bear

So cute and so much fun to work with. Love the outfits. Meddy and clothing well-made. I own three full-sized Meddy Teddies. Love the anticipation of waiting for packages to arrive from California with more Meddy items. Love the books too!

My Class Loves Meddy Teddy!

I am a Pre-K Teacher who uses two big Meddy Teddy's and two of the keychain sized Meddy Teddy's in my yoga/ mindfulness curriculum planning for my Kindergarten Enrichment class. We use him for group yoga, partner yoga with a yoga dice, and even as a meditation buddy! My students ask for him regularly and are constantly finding new ways to explore new yoga poses and practice balance independently with out teacher support! We practice sharing, patience, and kindness along the way as well! Meddy Teddy is my favorite teaching tool I use in my classroom. Bearmaste!