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Fun teaching tool

Great way to tech yoga and mindfulness and a fun activity to do with the kids.

Teddy is very plush and well made, and is easy to adjust into the different yoga poses.

We highly recommend!

Why get 1 yoga bear when you can get two? lol

Meddy Teddy is probably the best teddy bear ever made.

Meddy Teddy
Judy Weaver - Mindful Medics
I want to be an ambassador!

Meddy Teddy exceeded all reviews. I got both and they brought such incredible joy in my yin class this week 21 adults from 20-80 years of age. Every child and adult needs a Meddy Teddy.

Perfect bear

I saw another review on here that mentioned these bears are for all ages. I couldn't agree more! Although I love the original yoga theme, I have a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. One part of this condition is hypermobility. Hypermobility means you are really bendy like this bear. I love having a bendy bear like me that also represents meditation and good thoughts. I also had fun knitting a custom hat for him and part of the fun is customizing and making (or buying) original clothes for your bear. If you are thinking about getting this bear for any reason do it!

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
melissa ferguson
Love this bear!

After showing an interest in yoga poses, I know this was an excellent gift for my 6 year old. I love how soft and cozy the bear is. It’s super easy to mold it into the poses you want! I’m so excited to see her have fun while learning new skills.

Great teddy

This bear is awesome; love him so much; What a great teaching tool to help children learn deep breathing exercises.

Meddy Teddy
Natalya Bogdan

Get yours today! great for "Adult" kids!!!!!!

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Patricia Jensen
Cutest teddy bear

Love this yoga teddy bear. So fun for my son to play with.

Meddy Teddy
Fiona Hickey
my yogis meet their bestie

our two meddy teddies arrived to the willows today ! the excitment ! mats out yoga done with their meddy teds ! Mike thank you for getting them here safely to us

Meddy Teddy
Tiffany Chin
My Angel

Meddy Teddy always makes me calm and peaceful no matter I feel upset or happy. He's also good partner when I practice yoga and meditation. Meddy is my Angel.😇

Meddy Teddy
Natausha Furlong

I love this teddy. The fact that it promotes a healthy lifestyle and gets my kids moving means so much to me.

Meddy Teddy

Mon Meddy Teddy est formidable !! Son sourire intérieur est communicatif ! C'est un personnage magnifique ! Un merveilleux cadeau qui m'a été offert !

Meddy Teddy
Sandi McCullough
Amazing bear!

What an incredible product! Such a calming affect! Highly recommend purchasing one! Great customer service experience too!

Meddy Teddy
Andres Restrepo
Great for teaching kid's meditation!

I've taught hundreds of children meditation with Meddy Teddy. They love it! Most children want one and they immediately identify with the bear. This is an absolute must if you are a kid's yoga/meditation teacher. I just bought a second one for my soon-to-be-born daughter!!!!

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Valerie Courreges

He’s very special, my niece is glad that she received it from me, she likes him and he’s very fluffy Sasha 7,

Meddy Teddy
Uriia Underhill
A Bear 🐻 with a Purpose

Such a great little companion for teaching something that can truly create a beneficial foundation in a child’s life. Incredible job, incredible product! ✨🙏

Meddy Teddy
Devyn Hardy

My son loves it

Meddy Teddy
J. Gottesman
Meddy Teddy teaches children peace

I bought Meddy Teddy for great nephews and nieces, along with the accompanying books and clothing. The photo below shows one of their reactions to the bear - she loves him! I can't wait to see these precious children using the book to do poses with MT to discover mindfulness and inner peace!

super cute teddy bear

Got this bear for a friend and she really likes it.


There should be a special place in heaven for Mike!
These bears are genius and so so adorable and have made me smile, in some incredibly hard times. They have become family.
Am I a big kid, maybe, but I think adults as well as children can get something special out of taking them into your life and heart 💕💕💕🧸🧸🧸💕💕💕
Could not 'bear' to be without my boys now 🙂🙂🙂

Meddy Teddy
Jasmine Fouche
Love it

So grateful for this investment

Match made in heaven

I didn't know a yoga teddy bear would make my son so happy. I am glad we got him into our family

Meddy Teddy
Elena Weber
My son loves Meddy Teddy

I am so happy I purchased a Meddy Teddy

Cork Yoga Mat for Meddy Teddy - 1 LEFT!
Alison P
This matches the adult sized mat.

This is a great combo for when you and your Meddy Teddy want to do a practice together. Made of the sample quality as the adult mat. I have my Meddy Teddy keychain there to show the scale

Meddy Teddy
Tim Jordan
I really do love Meddy Teddy

I am so happy we brought Meddy Teddy into our home. Whenever we get Meddy out to play, he immediately reminds us to become more mindful and practice peace. I would recommend this to anyone