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Meddy Teddy
Michele Dougherty
Meddy Teddy

He is beautiful - have hesitated for a long while to invite him into my home but sure glad I finally did

Meddy Teddy
Heather Kardal
Extremely Happy!

This little teddy is exactly as described. Not just for kids either! I bought Meddy Teddy for a friends 50th birthday ... we all need a little more zen in our life! <3 I had a shipping mix up and had to contact customer service which was outstanding as well! Highly recommended.

Meddy Teddy
Jennifer Lockyer
Cuddly bear

My daughter saw this at a well being festival in the UK and absolutely loved it. Consequently, I ended up buying her one for her birthday. She loves putting him in the different positions, especially prayer pose. I have to admit, even I (her mum) enjoy putting him in the poses. This is the best teddy I've ever seen - such a good idea.

Key chain arm Broken?

Keychain received with the teddy. Tried to raise the arm of the keychain and sthg snapped and now I can feel something is disconnected from the body within the keychain. Slightly disappointed.

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Christine Couturier
Item not received

I think the greatest evil because. Ordered 2 months ago I never received it

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Ariana Valadez

Great for birthday present.

Great for school classrooms

Im a special education teacher. I use Meddy Teddy in the “calming corner” where students go when they want to take a break. There are yoga, breathing and meditation prompts there. Meddy Teddy sets the example & is the perfect calming partner. 😊

It never came

It never made it to my house :(

Meddy Teddy
Missy Wheeler

Cute and fun!

Meddy Teddy Rules

Perfect fit

Meddy Teddy
Elsa Chung

Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy
Stacey Marie

Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy
Linda Gorecki

Love my Meddy Teddy, he's so cute and really is a great little companion to do yoga with. He does need a little help getting into some of the more advanced yoga poses. :):)

Mini Meddy Goes Everywhere

I have a Meddy key chain (I call him my Mini Meddy) and he sits on my rear view mirror in my car. I love seeing his smiling face everywhere I go, and his peaceful smile reminds me to chill while I'm driving!

My yoga buddy

He's a helpful friend to my students.



Meddy Teddy
Kuan Hsiu Chen
My best yoga teacher and yoga friend

Whenever I feel lazy and decide not to do some yoga stretching at home, I see Meddy Teddy smiling on my shelf. "Stand up and start your yoga for today. Little by little, day by day. That's how I become a master." His cute smile really encourages me!

Still Waiting, what's happened ?

I still waiting about my order but i haven't received it yet.  When i try to track him on internet they say the delivery was done. 
I need your help to found it please. 

Best regards, Mariluz Martin [****]

Sweetest line I’ve ever invested in.

I’m so thankful Meddy Teddy was advertised on Facebook in time for my first grandchild to be born. I couldn’t be happier with the slip proof cork yoga mats, amply filled meditation cushions, adorable bears and irresistible clothing! I can’t wait to read the books the first time through with him in my arms! So thoroughly impressed. Highly recommend.

Cindy Marten


Meddy Teddy
Kristen Logan
Love it

My kids love the Meddy Teddy and posing him to match their yoga poses !

Kids Yoga Mat - Meddy Teddy Yoga Mat for Kids

Meddy Teddy
Eunice Beattie
We love this bear

The meddy teddy bear is so cute, can do all the yoga poses, and my kids (and I) love it

Meddy Teddy
Alison Berkery
Kids yoga 💛

Meddy Teddy plays a huge role in all my kids and toddler yoga classes! He is seated right next to me during class ; at least until a child grabs him 😊 Meddy shows the students how to begin class in our butterfly pose and I use him to demonstrate poses all during class . He also visits he student from time to time with kisses! I absolutely love using my Meddy Teddy!

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
melissa paulo
All I imagined!

Meddy Teddy immediately Brought joy into our household. As a holistic practitioner I understand the importance of teaching out children a mindfulness practice from a young age. I am so excited to have Meddy Teddy grow with our family as a buddy through deepening our connection to self and others. The quality and capability of the bear is exactly as promised. Thanks Meddy Teddy!