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Meddy Teddy
Marta Santillo
Lovely companion

My son and I love Meddy teddy. He has been doing yoga and breathing, listened to stories and even helped him during an operation at the hospital. We live him!

Meddy Teddy
Briana Roane
Best Yoga Partner

Meddy Teddy is by far one of the cutest things I’ve ever incorporated into my yoga classes. I took him on a full day of classes, car rides, & check ins and he never disappointed. Everyone loved having him present. What I thought was really cool is him just sitting peacefully made clients and students check in with themselves. Everyone noticed how having a cute reminder sitting meditating help them to just ask themselves a simple question like am I okay? Am I relaxed? Do I need to do as much? Meddy Teddy is just a simple idea that makes a major impact on adults and children. My son loves having him at home to practice his karate and yoga poses. If you don’t have one you need one!

Black Leggings
Assia Meknache
Black leggings

Thank you for your generous gift to my Meddy teddy. He loves his leggings. ❤️

Grateful T-Shirt
Assia Meknache
Great gift

Thank you so much for the t-shirt. It is a beautiful accessory for my Meddy teddy. Children will love his new look. ❤️

Meddy Teddy Bundle
Kimberly Hamilton
Sweet deal

Happy with the purchase. Love Meddy Teddy.

Very nice

Meddy Teddy
Amie Thomson
So cute!

My kids and I love to start our day by doing yoga together! Adding Meddy Teddy into the mix has been so fun. My kids think it is just the funniest thing to copy every pose Meddy Teddy does!

Grateful T-Shirt
Natosha Spears
Omg! Its fantastic

I bought the gratefull tee for my teddy bear, along with yoga pants, and they are amazing on him. He truly looks greatful. Ty very happy with my purchase.

Yoga Mat
Melissa Lozano
I had support

Saddly, mi mat never came home ‘cause I’m in Mexico and it get lost or something! :( fortunately, Meddy teddy give me my money back :)
One day I will get my dream mat

Meddy Teddy
Pier Farias
Feeling peaceful

Meddy Teddy is a wonderful teaching tool and even in my own practice, having him nearby makes me happy. One look at him and I remember to breathe and connect with my intention.

I use teddy in my kids mindful yoga lesson! They love it 😊

Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy is amazing for kids yoga lessons and the yoga mat is great and of high quality. The communication from the company is amazing. They are very helpful and kind. I’m really satisfied.

You Got This T-Shirt

Kids love it!

Excited to be gifting this meddy teddy to a niece. I am sure she will love it. 🙏🏻🤍

Meddy Teddy Keychain
Linda Gorecki

I will let you know when I receive it

Mindfulness Hoodie
Cher Dowling
What’s not to love?

Meddy Teddy is perfect for children and adults alike. Children love this beautifully designed bear as it can be shaped into many yoga poses and is a joy to play with. For adults, Meddy Teddy is relaxing to look at because of its calm and pleasant expression. It brings adults and children together as the go between for the introduction and practice of yoga. Highly recommended if you want to smile everyday and enjoy the small moments.

Love it

It’s love

Meddy Teddy
Natalie Tyler
My Meddy Teddy

I am in love with my Meddy Teddy. He is so calm & comforting. He sits in a living room chair to be near me most of the day when I am hom.

Meddy Teddy
Michele Dougherty
Meddy Teddy

He is beautiful - have hesitated for a long while to invite him into my home but sure glad I finally did

Meddy Teddy
Heather Kardal
Extremely Happy!

This little teddy is exactly as described. Not just for kids either! I bought Meddy Teddy for a friends 50th birthday ... we all need a little more zen in our life! <3 I had a shipping mix up and had to contact customer service which was outstanding as well! Highly recommended.

Meddy Teddy
Jennifer Lockyer
Cuddly bear

My daughter saw this at a well being festival in the UK and absolutely loved it. Consequently, I ended up buying her one for her birthday. She loves putting him in the different positions, especially prayer pose. I have to admit, even I (her mum) enjoy putting him in the poses. This is the best teddy I've ever seen - such a good idea.

Meddy Teddy Keychain
Key chain arm Broken?

Keychain received with the teddy. Tried to raise the arm of the keychain and sthg snapped and now I can feel something is disconnected from the body within the keychain. Slightly disappointed.

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Christine Couturier
Very good

The eyes open meddy Teddy is really cool and makes a good team with the eyes closed meddy Teddy!After a delivery problem, the team did what was necessary to send it back to me. They are very professional, well done!

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Ariana Valadez

Great for birthday present.