Learn How to Do a Standing Split

Standing Split is an intermediate yoga pose that stretches your legs and hips while providing a challenging balance pose. Standing Splits name in Sanskrit is, "Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana" (OORD-vah prah-suh-REE-tuh EK-uh pahd-AHS-uh-nuh)

Attempt this pose when your body is nice and warmed up. A couple Sun Salutations should do the trick. Start off in a Mountain Pose inhaling your arms up into the air. Exhale into a Forward Fold bringing both of your hands down to the mat. Shift your weight onto your right foot and equally across both hands. Inhale your left leg up into the air trying to keep your hips squared. If you can do the Front Splits then this pose should come pretty easy for you in your yoga practice. After you practice your left leg, then practice with your right leg to balance yourself out.

How to Do Standing Splits with Meddy Teddy

Have fun practicing this pose. Eventually, you will be able to lift one leg straight up in the air. Meddy reminds us to keep our hips squared for this fun yoga posture.

Meddy Teddy standing split