Learn How To Do a Standing Forward Fold Pose

A centerpiece of many flows/vinyasas and Sun Salutations. The Standing Forward Fold Pose connects to Mountain Pose. You will usually land in a forward fold on an exhale from a Half-way Lift Pose. Let your head hang heavy and relax your back muscles. Forward Fold is a great stretch for your hamstrings and your back.

How to do Forward Fold Pose

The Sanskrit name for Standing Forward Fold is Uttanasana (ooh-tuhn-AHS-uh-nuh) - Meddy feels totally relaxed and at peace in standing forward fold. It is a posture you just surrender in and become mindful of your body. It is a resting posture.

Standing Forward Fold Pose

While you are hanging over you can shake your head yes and no to loosen up your neck. Also, you can straighten out one leg then the other. Play around with this pose, swing side to side and have some fun learning this fundamental yoga pose.