Learn How To Do Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose is your center in yoga. Every single yoga pose can begin with this pose. A lot of time referred to as it's Sanskrit name as Tadasana (tah-DAHS-uh-nuh) - Mountain Pose is just that, your acting like a big strong mountain.

Mountain Pose Meddy Teddy

This may look like Meddy Teddy is just standing there but really he is fully engaged in this pose. His abdominal muscles are working which tilts his pelvic bone up. This takes pressure off his lower back. His eyes are softly gazing forward or closed to remind us to go within. His legs are engaged. He feels his feet in contact with the earth or his yoga mat. Follow Meddy's lead here as we learn more about this foundational yoga pose.

Meddy knows that Mountain Pose is the bedrock for virtually every standing yoga posture. So it is important to learn to do it the right way. Stand with your feet together, toes touching and heels a sliver apart, or feet hip-width distance apart. Press your feet hard into the earth then lift your toes and spread them out wide to get a nice stable footing. Mountain Pose has two variations. You can have your hands out to the sides or you can have both of your arms raised up to the sky. Raising them up to the sky is what most people do and then this connects into a Forward Fold. Mountain Pose is also great for practicing Standing Meditation and other Mindfulness Practices.

Meddy Teddy Mountain Pose