Learn How to Crow Pose

Learning how to do Crow Pose offers a unique challenge that requires tremendous strength and balance. It is often one of the first arm balances a student will learn. Let Meddy Teddy teach you the basics of how this pose works. First, let's learn the Sanskrit name for this pose, "Bakasana" (bah-KAHS-uh-nuh) Got it? Good.

Learn how to do Crow Pose

Start from a forward fold and then inhale up to a half-way lift; begin to shift your weight forward bringing your knees behind your triceps. Try lifting one leg up at a time; this will help you get the hang of Crow Pose. Once you can lift your right and left legs up successful, you are ready to try the full variation of the pose.

Crow Pose How To Do

Shift your weight forward onto your arms lifting both legs off the ground. Have a lovely soft gaze looking forward; if you fall, that's ok, just try again, and you will get the hang on it. Check out the pictures of Meddy Teddy in Crow Pose for reference.