Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Meddy Teddy Eyes Open
Meddy Teddy Eyes Open

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open

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Meddy Teddy has awaken! Eyes open version is the same for the original except, yes, his eyes are open.

To get ready for the release of Tim and Mike's new book, Meddy Teddy Learns Lotus, we are releasing the first new Meddy Teddy in a long time. Hope you love him.

Meddy Teddy is the perfect yoga buddy for kids and adults. His internal frame makes him able to bend and stand in many yoga poses, which can help teach kids yoga. He's perfect for quieting the classroom or helping a friend find their inner teddy.

Meddy Teddy Eyes Open comes wearing one pair of white yoga pants.

Customer Reviews

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Fun teaching tool

Great way to tech yoga and mindfulness and a fun activity to do with the kids.

Teddy is very plush and well made, and is easy to adjust into the different yoga poses.

We highly recommend!

Perfect bear

I saw another review on here that mentioned these bears are for all ages. I couldn't agree more! Although I love the original yoga theme, I have a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. One part of this condition is hypermobility. Hypermobility means you are really bendy like this bear. I love having a bendy bear like me that also represents meditation and good thoughts. I also had fun knitting a custom hat for him and part of the fun is customizing and making (or buying) original clothes for your bear. If you are thinking about getting this bear for any reason do it!

melissa ferguson
Love this bear!

After showing an interest in yoga poses, I know this was an excellent gift for my 6 year old. I love how soft and cozy the bear is. It’s super easy to mold it into the poses you want! I’m so excited to see her have fun while learning new skills.

Oscar Elliot
Great teddy

This bear is awesome; love him so much; What a great teaching tool to help children learn deep breathing exercises.

Patricia Jensen
Cutest teddy bear

Love this yoga teddy bear. So fun for my son to play with.

What Customers are saying

Meddy Teddy is a cute little bear with a big message. He's a posable yoga bear who reminds us to be mindful of our bodies and embrace a peaceful mind. Meddy Teddy helps yoga become more accessible with kids. My kids love posing Meddy Teddy in all the poses and then posing with him!

The Shopping Mama

This has been a great learning tool for the kids. I'm a yoga instructor, but sometimes getting my own kids to focus and move with me can be difficult. Meddy Teddy really has changed the way they are viewing the practice. We love it!!

Gaitrie S.


“Helps kids learn about yoga and meditation.” 

“You’ve never seen yoga like this before. Meddy Teddy is basically the Snuggle bear but bendier―he's a toy designed to inspire kids to practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.”

“How do you introduce yoga to children? With a special teacher!”
―Marie Claire

“Yoga has never looked so cute.”
―Fitness magazine

“Start ‘em young with Meddy, the stuffed animal that teaches children yoga and mindfulness. A cuddly and educational gift for children.”
―The Huffington Post

“We discovered the most mindful teddy bear ever invented. Meet Meddy Teddy, a poseable bear that’s down to be your yoga companion and eternal BFF. Kids and yoga masters aside, we’re thinking the Meddy Teddy would be a cool buy for anyone… Pose this adorable bear in your apartment and BAM―instant motivation.”
―Hello Giggles

Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear
Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear

We all feel our best when we are happy. For that reason, Meddy Teddy is designed to help you cultivate well-being, vitality, happiness and joy. The result? A natural inner glow that you can achieve and give to others.