Talking to the Creator of Meddy Teddy (AKA the Cutest Stuffed Animal Ever)

mindfulness meditation yoga teddy bear


Talking to the Creator of Meddy Teddy (AKA the Cutest Stuffed Animal Ever)

The minute I saw Meddy Teddy, I knew I had to have one. I mean, I knew my daughter had to have one. And so, for the first time ever, I funded an Indiegogo project. And, I’m now counting down the days until my Meddy Teddy arrives. I mean, HOW CUTE IS THIS LITTLE GUY? I’m almost upset he’s so darn adorable.

mindfulness meditation yoga teddy bear
I want to squeeze him. And do yoga with him. And meditate with him. And use him as a tool to talk to Gwen about all things Zen.

Did I mention I can’t wait for him to arrive?

Well, turns out, through a friend of a friend (thanks, Dana of Goods Giving Back!), we were able to get the scoop on Meddy Teddy and I could ask all of my burning questions to its founder Mike Jordan. Besides it being awesome to get the inside scoop, it’s also been a great way for me to pass the time waiting for my Meddy Teddy to arrive!

mindfulness meditation yoga teddy bear

Q&A With the Founder of Meddy Teddy

How did you come up with the idea of the Meddy Teddy? Talking with my brothers one day and the idea came up, I knew it was a good one so Tim and I started figuring it out. 

How many versions of him did you go through to get to this one? We’re at around 12 different sample bears to get to where we are now.

mindfulness meditation yoga teddy bear
The previous versions of Meddy Teddy.

What’s your goal with Meddy Teddy? Our goal with Meddy Teddy is to help kids realize how amazing they are and to enrich their lives with yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

How long have you been doing yoga? I have been doing yoga for 8 years.

What kinds of yoga do you like to do? Now, I go to my friend’s class where he teaches Ashtanga. You’ve seen him in Meddy’s feed, he’s that very good looking yogi with Meddy. I love Ashtanga because it’s always the same flow and you know what’s coming so in that way you can get better with each day.

Why do you like most about yoga? What I like most about yoga is that it’s like a meditation for my mind while at the same time an exercise for my body. It can take you to new places you never thought were there.

Are you a father? If so, how do they like Meddy Teddy? No. All the kids we have been with and seen and played with Meddy love him though!

Women always get asked about balance when they start a business and/or are a mother. How do you find balance? Great question. Business balance for me is about unity with everyone you are working with. Respect is also a key ingredient to balance in business. If you take time to make sure you’re writing the best email or giving your full attention to someone while talking to them, I find that to be the best way an individual in a company can add to the value of that organization.

If Meddy Teddy could talk, what would he sound like … and what would he say? Lol. That is another great question. I have never thought about what he would sound like. I know he would say something amazing but fun at the same time. I think his voice for yoga, mindfulness and meditation is what we need in the world. Hopefully we get to the point where we need a voice for him in a movie or animated series!

Anything else we need to know? Anything new you’re working on? Meddy said that he is super happy with all his fans and is super excited to be with them! We’re staying on course to make sure our amazing backers from Indiegogo get their bears — that’s always our No. 1 priority, plus the daily fun photo shoots you get to do with him! So many times people smile and say your bear looks happy when we’re out in the world with him.

Final question: when are Meddy Teddy’s different yoga looks and mats coming out??? So far, only one company besides our manufacturer have made Meddy Teddy pants, @zoeticthreads. She made the grey, and the black and yellow pairs you see him wearing! Be prepared, he’s got some incredibly cute new pants coming! The yoga mat is from our manufacturer. The mats will come after but we know everyone wants one and they’ll be available in other colors, so, we are working on that too for the future. And, a girl bear!!!!!!

Would you get your child (or yourself) a mindful toy like this? Guys, I can’t even tell you how many pairs of yoga pants I’m going to buy our Meddy. —Jenn 

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