A bendable meditating yoga teddy bear. Bring him into your house for more happiness for you and your kids.

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This is Meddy Teddy.  He is a meditating teddy bear that loves yoga.  He has long been sought out from the animal kingdom to provide guidance, love and fun to his fellow animals. Meddy thought the time was right to become available to everyone.  Meddy practices Mindfulness.  Once thought a confusing and mystic thing to do, now Meddy is here to say it is fun and relaxing.  He sits and calms himself first thing in the morning or after a bustling day, and he wants you to do the same, even if for one minute of the whole day.  Sit and relax.

Parents are now bringing Meddy Teddy into their home to share the love of their yoga practice and meditations with all the little ones. By bending Meddy Teddy into different yoga poses, children can learn and practice yoga and mindfulness; helping them to attain happiness and calmness from an early age.

Meddy Teddy - A bendable meditating yoga teddy bear

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