Learn How To Do Tree Pose

This pose has a special meaning to Meddy because he loves trees. Tree Pose is a Balancing Posture that will bring stability to your legs and help calm your mind. Imagine a mighty Oak Tree strongly connected to the Earth; this can help you visualize the significance of this pose.  

Learn How To Do Tree Pose with Meddy Teddy

The Sanskrit name of Tree Pose is “Vrksasana” (vrik-SHAH-suh-nuh) As with most balancing postures start off with Mountain Pose by inhaling your arms up to the sky. Exhale to Samasthiti bringing your hands and arms into a prayer position by your heart. Shift your weight into your right foot with your left foot lightly floating off the Earth. Bring your left foot up to rest on the side of your shin or all the way up to your thigh. Meddy notes that you should never place your foot on the side of your knee with pressure. Our knees were not designed to receive tension in that way.

Once you find where you are comfortable with, either on your shin or your thigh you can focus on your balance. You can keep your hands in prayer position or grow your branches and lift your arms into the sky. Look at the picture below to see Meddy's full variation of Tree Pose.

Grow Your Branches Tree Pose Meddy Teddy