Learn How to Do Forward Fold Yoga Pose

Forward Fold is a beginner yoga pose that is great for stretching your lower back and neck. Yoga teachers commonly refer to Forward Fold during a yoga class as it's Sanskrit name Uttanasana (ooh-tuh-NAHS-uh-nuh) flows. 

Meddy Teddy teaches Forward Fold Yoga Poses

Yoga is most effective when you tie your breath to your movements. This helps build your Chi from your energy centers in your stomach and lungs. We build this Qi or Chi as we move throughout movements with Breath to Movement flows. Forward Fold is a great resting pose during a standing yoga flow. Meddy Teddy recommends resting in a forward fold pose for five minutes a day. You can swing side to side like a pendulum taken a wider stance. This pose calms your mind and brings a nice peaceful, mindful awareness to your soul.

Meddy Teddy Forward Fold Yoga Pose

From Mountain Pose bring your hands to your heart center and hinge forward with your hips bringing your chest to meet your knees. Bend your knees as much as you need to when you start out with this. Eventually, your legs will straighten out as you become more flexibility and your skills improve as a yogi.

Inhale up to a Halfway Lift Pose with a flat back bringing your hands to your thighs or your shins. Exhale into a Forward Fold totally releasing your back and neck long. Shake your head yes and no to loosen up your neck.  

Meddy Teddy standing forward fold