Learn How To Do Dancer's Pose

Dancer's Pose is a fun, challenging pose that requires balance and concentration. It stretches your legs, chest, shoulders, neck, and your abdomen. It has a backbend aspect to it as well. Let's learn the Sanskrit name for this pose, "Natarajasana" (NOT-ah-rahj-AHS-uh-nuh), got it? Good job.

How to do dancer's pose

As with all balancing poses, start off in Mountain Pose to prepare. Once you are centered in Mountain Pose with a firm footing, inhale your arms up to full Mountain Pose. Exhale your right arm down with your elbow resting on your side body with your hand open and pointing out. Grab your foot from the inside part of your foot. If you're looking down at your right foot, grab the left side of it. Make sure the I of your elbow is pointing out to away from you to ensure you have the proper grip. If you grab your foot incorrectly this will limit the range your shoulder will allow. 

Learn Dancer's Pose with Meddy Teddy

This pose has two variations. 

The first requires holding the lifted leg with one hand and reaching out with your opposite arm. It is important to reach out as much as you kick. This will create balance in your posture. Having a mirror to look at helps says Meddy.

The second is an advanced pose that requires holding the raised foot with both hands overhead. Only attempt this is you have mastered variation one. Many flexible yogis throughout the world can do this challenging yoga posture, it takes time and practice to get to level two.