The Benefits 

of Yoga

There are important and numerous benefits of yoga for kids. Unlike most other physical activities for kids, yoga doesn’t only promote healthy kids through physical exercise, but also focuses on improving and helping to grow children’s minds, spirits, emotions and thoughts.

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Meddy Teddy teaches yoga and meditation

What is Meditation for Children?

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by people all over the world. Records seem to indicate that it started with Hindus living in India, and spread from country to country as different cultures and religions incorporated it as part of their rituals.

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Health Benefits of Yoga

There are ways that children can be taught from early on how to manage stress levels and promote calmness and a positive outlook on life. 

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what are the benefits of yoga and mindfulness?

Benefits of Mindfulness

Improved concentration

Stress reduction

Increased empathy

Better mood

Happier life

Improved sleep

More compassion

Better self-awareness

Decreased depression and anxiety

Yoga Poses

Kids yoga allows children to become more in tuned with their bodies; when they learn that they can control their bodies, and realize that they are building strength and focus, they will have a healthier body awareness and image.

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Meddy Teddy teaches yoga and mindfulness