How & why to introduce yoga to your children

Why teach kids yoga and meditation? Teachers, mama bears, papa bears and yoga teachers, mindfulness and yoga are the perfect combination to find peace & happiness.

In an age of ever-increasing technology, movement is on the decline for many children, with devastating effects like obesity and stress. 

Yoga is a great kids activity to combat stress by focusing on breathing and meditation, a natural stress-reliever. Yoga has been proven to reduce everyday stress and anxiety, as well as promote a general good mood and outlook on life. Best of all, yoga can be done at home with the entire family, with very little investment. 

What is Yoga?

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. The actual term "yoga" originates from an ancient Indian language called Sanskrit. The activity’s purpose is to unite the body, mind ,and spirit. The physical part of yoga is conducted through a series of asanas, or yoga postures or poses. Asanas are practiced to promote strength training and flexibility through stretching. Each of the yoga positions has a specific health benefit.What are Yoga Benefits for Kids?

There are important and numerous benefits of yoga for kids. Unlike most other physical activities for kids, yoga doesn’t only promote healthy kids through physical exercise, but also focuses on improving and helping to grow children’s minds, spirits, emotions, and thoughts.

Stress Elimination

Many kids today are incredibly stressed out. School and peer pressure, body image issues, world events, and other factors cause little children and teenagers to worry. In fact, a survey reports that 20 percent of kids say that they worry a lot. A Harvard Medical School article explains that yoga can reduce heart rate, decrease blood pressure, and help to ease respiration, all of which are the body’s natural stress busters.

Introducing Yoga to your Children

Both my sons received yoga enrichment in preschool and children's yoga classes are readily available at many studios and even civic centers. But the best part of yoga, stretching, and meditation is that you can practice at home. Quiet time and breathing exercises are enormously beneficial and you'd be surprised how willing children are to participate if you make it fun. For some kids, they'll connect with the history or physical challenge, for others the spiritual aspects.

To get kids interested in yoga and meditation, we love Meddy Teddy, the 100% yoga poseable and mindfulness bear that aims to help children around the world lead healthier, more mindful lives through yoga and meditation. The minute I introduced my boys to the Meddy Teddy, they were ready to roll, emulating his every move! 

Meddy’s bendable limbs make it easy for him to demonstrate many poses from Lotus to Eagle Pose Right. Meddy is a family conversation starter, role model, and yoga buddy for young ones.  

Both yoga and mindfulness have significant positive effects on young minds and bodies, transforming kids into happier and more compassionate individuals. Meddy Teddy is a stuffie you'll welcome into your home. You can purchase Meddy Teddy here and learn more about the practice, benefits, and poses.