Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy

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Meddy Teddy is a lovable, bendable, meditating yoga bear that inspires young and old alike. Meddy's unique internal frame allows him to be posed in almost any yoga pose and his closed eyes remind us that our power is within. 

With his smiling face and calm demeanor, Meddy Teddy is here to make yoga, meditation, and mindfulness fun and playful; while inspiring us to love, smile and be joyful.

$1.00 of each purchase goes towards the Meddy Teddy Foundation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Elena K
Omg how cute!

I don't know what it is... but my baby really feels chill around her Meddy Teddy

Match made in heaven

I didn't know a yoga teddy bear would make my son so happy. I am glad we got him into our family

Elena Weber
My son loves Meddy Teddy

I am so happy I purchased a Meddy Teddy

Tim Jordan
I really do love Meddy Teddy

I am so happy we brought Meddy Teddy into our home. Whenever we get Meddy out to play, he immediately reminds us to become more mindful and practice peace. I would recommend this to anyone

Himani Anand
Happy with my Meddy Teddy

Very happy


✔️ Meddy Teddy is handmade and crafted with love.

✔️ Each Meddy Teddy receives individual fur cutting, sewing, bendable frame placement, measured stuffing, and precise back-stitching.

✔️ Soft Plush with recycled plastic inside. 

✔️ Embroidered eyes and smile.

✔️ Made with all new, child-safe fabrics and is rigorously tested to exceed all United States safety standards.

✔️ 16.5in/42cm tall.

What Customers are saying

Meddy Teddy is a cute little bear with a big message. He's a posable yoga bear who reminds us to be mindful of our bodies and embrace a peaceful mind. Meddy Teddy helps yoga become more accessible with kids. My kids love posing Meddy Teddy in all the poses and then posing with him!

The Shopping Mama

This has been a great learning tool for the kids. I'm a yoga instructor, but sometimes getting my own kids to focus and move with me can be difficult. Meddy Teddy really has changed the way they are viewing the practice. We love it!!

Gaitrie S.


“Helps kids learn about yoga and meditation.” 

“You’ve never seen yoga like this before. Meddy Teddy is basically the Snuggle bear but bendier―he's a toy designed to inspire kids to practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.”

“How do you introduce yoga to children? With a special teacher!”
―Marie Claire

“Yoga has never looked so cute.”
―Fitness magazine

“Start ‘em young with Meddy, the stuffed animal that teaches children yoga and mindfulness. A cuddly and educational gift for children.”
―The Huffington Post

“We discovered the most mindful teddy bear ever invented. Meet Meddy Teddy, a poseable bear that’s down to be your yoga companion and eternal BFF. Kids and yoga masters aside, we’re thinking the Meddy Teddy would be a cool buy for anyone… Pose this adorable bear in your apartment and BAM―instant motivation.”
―Hello Giggles

Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear
Meddy Teddy
Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear
Meddy Teddy Yoga Bear

We all feel our best when we are happy. For that reason, Meddy Teddy is designed to help you cultivate well-being, vitality, happiness and joy. The result? A natural inner glow that you can achieve and give to others.