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mindfulness meditation yoga teddy bearLook at all of these Omazing products for the little cub in your life.  Beautiful yoga cards, yoga mats and me for the mini yogi!

Yoga for Kids

By Catherine |

Today is National Yoga Day. The kids and I have been finding our inner peace this summer by trying some yoga for kids.

Yoga for kids offers many benefits including:

  • body awareness
  • increased self esteem
  • builds concentration
  • positive self image
  • promotes relaxation
  • reduces anger, anxiety and stress
  • improve self control
  • non competitive, practice at their own level

When I started really looking for yoga finds for kids, I found there were lots of great products out there to help make yoga more fun for kids.

The Little Yoga Mat offers 2 kid friendly sizes of yoga mats with cute designs. These yoga mats are awesome for kids because they are “just my size”. Eco-friendly with non slip, easy to clean surface and they are super lightweight so they are easy for kids to carry.

Yogi are yoga cards for joyful learning. They JUST completed their kickstarter campaign and you can preorder your yoga cards for some yoga fun. We love the illustrations and the kids love playing the yoga games.

One of Ariana’s favorite poses is the swan. The Yogi card set includes 40 cards, 20 with illustrations and 20 with illustrations and a cute little rhyme describing the poses.

The cute yoga styles are from Ivivva. My daughter loves their colorful tanks and crops. Then even have a one of a kind yoga mat that is perfect for tweens and older girls. That marble design is just gorgeous, I totally want to snag it for myself!

yoga for kids yoga mat yoga cards kids yoga mat

Meddy Teddy is a cute little bear with a big message. Meddy Teddy is a posable yoga bear who reminds us to be mindful of our bodies and embrace a peaceful mind.

Meddy Teddy helps yoga become more accessible with kids. My kids loved posing Meddy Teddy in all the poses and then posing with him!mindfulness meditation yoga teddy bear

Yoga and Mindfulness Bear, Kids Meddy Teddy

The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids comes as a book or set of 56 yoga cards. While we love the yoga cards then can become scattered easily. The book allows for kids to keep it on their bookshelf and take it down and do the yoga poses themselves.

The ABC’s of Yoga comes with a parent/teacher guide book with lots of tips and ideas on how to make yoga games, benefits of yoga and how to make yoga more fun for kids!

yoga cards for kidsyoga cards for kids Yoga and Mindfulness Bear, Kids Meddy Teddy

Look at that beautiful marbled yoga mat from Ivivva. My daughter is ready to go to a kid’s yoga class in her fashionable yoga styles.

Ivivva offers lightweight fabrics in fun coordinating designs and colors. These athletic styles are sweat wicking, breathable and made to move with you so you can focus on your yoga, not your clothes.

1. Ivivva Athletics  2. The Little Yoga Mat  3. Om Marble Ivivva Mat 4. Yogi Yoga Cards  5. Meddy Teddy  6. ABC’s of Yoga for Kids

mindfulness meditation yoga teddy bear