This teddy bear will pretty much guarantee a more mindful 2017

Let's make 2017 our most mindful year yet! Life only happens in the present moment.



We’re so glad 2017 is right around the corner because 2016 was a rough one. We’re powering through, though. We’re learning to meditate, center ourselves, assemble an arsenal of crystals, and getting our yoga on.

Thanks to the magic that is Instagram ads, we discovered the most mindful teddy bear ever invented. Meet Meddy Teddy, a poseable bear that’s down to be your yoga companion and eternal BFF.

Truth be told, Meddy Teddy was created for kids. (Kids get everything, ugh.) Meddy’s goal is to encourage mindfulness and inspire aspiring yogis all over.

According to Meddy’s site:


“Scientific studies of the impact of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teachings on young minds show it can improve self-control, reduce anger, anxiety, and depression, increase self-esteem, and even boost academic performance, learning, and memory.”


Kids and yoga masters aside, we’re thinking the Meddy Teddy would be a cool buy for anyone who has “get into yoga” as a New Year’s resolution. Pose this adorable bear in your apartment and BAM — instant motivation.

Check out Meddy in action!

Firefly pose

Eka Pada Sirsasana

Side Plank pose

Peacock pose

Cow Face pose

Warrior pose

Fire Log pose

You can buy Meddy Teddy at for $29.95 but due to his overwhelming popularity, he may not arrive until February. Shop now so you don’t miss the next shipment!