What is
Meditation for Kids

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by people all over the world. Records seem to indicate that it started from Hindus living in India, and spread from country to country as different cultures and religions incorporated it as part of their practice.  

In ancient times, people learned how to meditate to better comprehend life’s mystic and sacred features. However, today, meditation is more commonly practiced as a way of relaxing and reducing stress. 

3 most popular
Styles of Meditation

1. Guided meditation for children involves a teacher or a guide using visualization (images) techniques to help kids imagine relaxing places and events, such as the beach. Utilizing these images, in addition to smells, textures  and sounds, can help children learn about meditation. 

2. Mindfulness meditation teaches children how to be mindful and focuses on being aware and present in the moment. By focusing on breathing and observing emotions and thoughts during meditation, kids can become more in tune with their bodies and minds. 

3. During mantra meditation, children are taught to repeat a word or phrase that not only helps them to relax, but allows them to focus on the word and avoid thoughts that can distract them.

How To
Meditation for Kids

Learning how to meditate is not difficult, and the best part is that anyone can meditate anywhere (inside or outside), at any time, for any period of time without any equipment. Children can practice meditation for ten minutes before school, 15 minutes after school, or any time they feel overly stressed.

Whether using guided meditation for kids or teaching children how to practice meditation on their own, they should find a quiet place that will limit distractions. Meditation for beginners should focus on trying to eliminate distracting thoughts.