Spider Web Meddytation

Close your eyes and take five deep breaths.   Take five more breaths and listen to the sound of your breathing.  Focus on your in-breath and your out-breath.  Notice the coolness of the air as it enters your nose. Place your hand in front of your nose and feel the warm air that you exhale.  Now listen to the sound of my voice as I take you on an imaginary journey in the eye of your mind.  

Imagine you are a beautiful spider and you are about to begin weaving a new web.  As you begin, an old wise spider appears and reminds you, “Be mindful of your words and thoughts, think carefully about the life you weave for yourself.  
Remember, every web you make begins with a single thread.  Watch and observe your thinking.”  As quickly as the old spider appeared, he disappears and you begin to release your liquid silk.   You watch it harden as it hits the air.  With the first thread complete, it dangles until a soft breeze comes along lifting and fixing it to a nearby branch.  You know this is the most important thread because your whole web is built around it.  

Next you make all the spokes of the web.  When these are complete you make the spiral starting off in the center and working out.  With great patience you create such a beautiful intricate web. After you finish weaving your web, the old wise spider appears once again and asks you, “Are you weaving your dreams into your reality?”  Then she says, “Your thoughts become your creation.  What are you creating in your world?”  After the old spider leaves, you begin to create an even brighter and more beautiful web, keeping in mind all the wise words of the old spider.  

You now understand that every thought you have, every step you take, and every motion you make, creates the world you live in.  You weave new webs each day with your thoughts, words and actions.   You realize you are the dream weaver and the magic maker of your life.