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We are here to help teachers and to make their job easier with our Peaceful Preschool & Peaceful Grade School Program. The complete program Includes:


* Meddy Teddy

* live implementation training for teachers and staff

* backup online training for any teachers who can’t make the staff training

* engaging materials to implement mindfulness and yoga into the classroom

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Our kids yoga + mindfulness trainings and products will enable you to help your teachers and children; and will spill over to positively engage your parents and communities in supportive new ways.

When teachers learn to intentionally integrate yoga and mindfulness into their classroom they report incredible results. Yoga and mindfulness are magic to the classroom.

Meddy Teddy online training

To date, Bari and Meddy have presented to over 100,000 educators (and counting) on the far reaching benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Bari and Meddy are considered pioneers in the world of kids yoga, and this training is at the heart of it. This is the most fun you can have learning yoga and mindfulness guaranteed!

Bari Koral and Meddy Teddy

Why Bari + Meddy Teddy

 We’ve helped over 100,000 teachers and countless children create positive new habits in and out of the classroom. We are science driven and dedicated to serving all children and all communities. Yoga and Mindfulness is for everyone. From inner city, rural, low income, trauma and beyond- everyone deserves the knowledge to power and harness their nervous system in ways that produce positive feelings. Organizations like Head Start and public schools are some of our most powerful partners. Creating new habits together- simple, fun, effective, with repetition.  Our impact can be seen in countless classrooms.

Bari and Meddy Teddy

About Bari 

Bari Koral is a widely recognized kids yoga expert and popular children's recording artist.  Her songs and her approachable yoga and mindfulness curriculum are used on a daily basis around the world. After Bari’s personal 10-year battle with stress and anxiety, she has dedicated her life to educating others about the powerful tools she discovered. Bari has presented on the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness to over 100,000 teachers (and counting). She has been at the forefront of bringing kids yoga and mindfulness to the top of children’s curriculum and as a vital self-care resource for teachers.

Bari Koral Yoga Meddy

About Meddy -

Meddy Teddy is here to make yoga and mindfulness cool and fun. Meddy is made with his eyes closed to remind us the peace and calm we desire is only moments away when we focus on our breath and the present moment. Meddy Teddy is a great tool used by parents and teachers to reset a child’s mood. Meddy is perfect for quieting the classroom or inspiring kids to move their body.


Contact us for more information regarding pricing and let’s discuss how we can help your school or organization.

We would love to connect and hear how they are doing - what is working for them, what they are struggling with and to see if we might be able to help them create more peace for their teachers, children, and parents.


“I highly recommend this training. I left feeling I am able to succeed if I put my effort into doing anything. Thank you for everything. This was a wonderful experience”

“At first I didn’t think I wasn’t going to be good at teaching a yoga class but after practicing I realized it could be a calling and I’m not so bad. Bari and her team are an inspiration.”

“This training is really good for teachers, educators, daycare owners etc. It really prepares you for the captive audience that you have.”

“Best training I have ever attended. We learned material that can be applied in both personal and professional life tomorrow. “

“I think yoga and mindfulness are unbelievably important today. Their way of teaching and execution is incredible.I feel so blessed and grateful to have been part of this training. Thank you.”

“After 20+ years in the early childhood classroom I was experiencing burnout but Yogapalooza has re-invorgated me.”

“I feel empowered to now begin to teach what I have learned. It’s 

“REALLY REALLY good for kids. I enjoyed myself and learned a lot.” 

“Thank you so much for the opportunity. I’m feeling ready to take it all to my classroom and beyond.”