Meet ‘Meddy Teddy’ the new Instagram Yoga star!

mindfulness meditation yoga teddy bearGreat article - let's spread the message of meditation and mindfulness.  There are soooooo many benefits.
Meddy Teddy

mindfulness meditation yoga teddy bear

Instagram is filled with inspirational yoga teachers sharing their wisdom and practice- but how many of those are teddy bears?! Meddy Teddy is a meditating and yoga practicing teddy bear who is taking social media by storm. The brain child of Thom Jordan, Meddy Teddy is a 100% posable bear that is designed as an aid to teach children about big topics such as mindfulness, meditation, peacefulness and body positivity.

mindfulness meditation yoga teddy bear
Thom was struck with inspiration to create Meddy Teddy whilst meditating in a cave in India (you couldn’t make this stuff up!). His idea was to use Meddy Teddy as a fun and easy way to spread the message of meditation and mindfulness. “He’s a role model and yoga buddy for young ones, but he also teaches both kids and adults the importance of leading healthier, more mindful lives,” Jordan told People magazine. “Through his guidance, Meddy hopes to increase people’s self-esteem, empathy and calmness.”
With over 15 thousand Instagram followers already it seems that ‘meddytating’ is a popular idea, and you are now able to order your very own Meddy Teddy to use with your kids at home. A seriously cute teddy bear with an important message- what’s not to love?