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Meddytations with Meddy Teddy

Meddytations with Meddy Teddy

The thing about meditation is that you become more and more YOU. – David Lynch”

It is a known fact practising Yoga and meditation is good for you. By practising both of these things reduce stress, anxiety and depression through being mindful. Both yoga and meditation have also proven higher self-esteem and improves academic performance, learning and memory.  The perfect reason to start teaching your kids how to meditate and practice yoga at a young age because look at all the benefits!

Luckily for you, Meddy Teddy has been created and is the perfect little toy bear that helps parents and teachers broach big topics like mindfulness, self-trust, and peacefulness in a way that kids find accessible and fun. Yoga is a perfect low-impact, gateway to fitness that can teach kids the importance of flexibility, muscle development and positive body image.

How did this beautiful concept start?

During Thom’s trip to India in a cave in deep meditation, the idea of Meddy Teddy was born.

After his 3 month stay of silent meditation in those fabled caves, Thom rushed back to Los Angeles to tell his younger brothers, Tim and Mike. He spoke of a vision he had of a meditating/yoga teddy bear in deep blissful meditation. The Jordan family gathered around and listened to Thom’s stories of this Meddy Teddy and his message. Thom went on to assign some Meddy Teddy duties to his family and returned back to meditation.

His mother Debbie focused on getting a bendable teddy bear that could do yoga poses, she sourced materials and made sure he had white yoga pants.

The youngest brother Mike was so inspired he coined the term “Meddytations”. Meddy plus meditation. These Meddytations are short fun meditations for kids in the spirit of Meddy Teddy and began writing them.

His middle brother Tim saw that this small bear named Meddy Teddy could have a big message and went on to write Meddy Teddy Learns Lotus, a 32 page illustrated children’s book.

Thus the fruition of Meddy came to be. Secretly guiding us through his visions and his examples, our brother Thom, remains in deep meditation.

I got to chat to one of the founders, Mike and ask him a few questions:

Was it tough starting your business?

“The toughest part was finding flow in the journey for me personally. My mum and brothers remained mentally and spiritually strong throughout this bear journey. I had to learn on my own and through watching them enjoy the journey. If you are not enjoying what you are doing, you need to reflect on why that is so you can grow.”

Where can we find your “Meddytations”

“Right now, most of the Meddytations are spread sporadically throughout Meddy’s IG. We are working on a new cool section on our website to make Meddytations, articles, and other cool stuff available.”

What are your plans for Meddy Teddy in the future?

“That’s a great question. It’s funny, my oldest brother Thom who came up with Meddy said he kind of knew we were going to do this whole thing backwards, meaning get the bear made first, then do creative with books and story afterwards. So, that is the future, Meddy coming to life with books, cartoons, a movie, who knows!”

Do you ship internationally?

“Yes. During our Indiegogo we got orders from 26 countries around this beautiful Earth. That number of countries continues to grow now through Meddy’s website.”

If you had one piece of advice to someone starting a business, what would it be?

“I told Jenn at Fit Bottomed Mama’s that detail is the most important aspect of your business. Giving your full attention to everything you do, from writing every email you write to be your best, to your full attention during meetings. Awareness is maybe the evolution of that idea. If you are aware in the moment of your feelings, the feelings of those around you, you choose thoughts and say things that lift and inspire. Meet everyone around you where they are in the moment, is another great thing I learned from my kids yoga teacher training with Rainbow Kids Yoga. When we are aware, we are in control of what we do and say.”

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Meddytations with Meddy Teddy