Meddy's Mindful Moments

Meddy Teddy's 16 Mindful Moments suggestions: how to practice mindfulness throughout the day.

 1.  When you go outside, stop and listen to the bird's sing.

 2.   Look up at the sky and watch the clouds drift by.

 3.  Hug a tree.  

 4.  Put your ear to a conch shell and listen to what is inside.

 5.  Hold a seed in your hand.  Think about what the seed becomes.

 6.  Look at a flower carefully.  Examine all the pedals, does it smell?

 7.  Relax, Listen to music...listen for the different instruments.

 8.  Dance.  Put your arms up in the air and move your body.

 9.  Spend a few moments petting your dog or cat. 

10.  Play a musical instrument. Listen to the sound and feel the vibration.

11.  Eat slowly with all your senses.

12.  Paint a picture with crayons or brushes.

13.  Talk a walk in nature and spend time with the trees and flowers.

14.  Look out your window at night and watch the moon and stars.

15.  Sit in front of an aquarium and look at the fish swim by.

16.  Sit with your eyes closed, a smile on your face and breathe.