- are short Meditations to practice with your Meddy Teddy-


1.  One Minute Smile Meddytation - Make the biggest, funniest smile possible and hold it for one minute. As you sit and hold your smile, focus on feeling happy and peaceful.
2.  Bear Hug Meddytation - Grab a friend or family member and wrap your arms around each other for one minute.  Feel happiness, love and strength with a big bear hug.
3.  Bearmaste Tummy Meddytation - To focus on your breathing, place Meddy Teddy on your tummy for three minutes.  Watch Meddy go up and down as you mindfully breathe.
4.  I AM Meddytation - Close your eyes and focus on your breath.  Think about a quality you have or would like to have.  I am ______________.  For example, I am kind, happy, or peaceful, you fill in the blank. Repeat this thought in your mind throughout the day.

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