Meddy Teddy Q & A

Below are some Q & A's that might be helpful in answering questions our fans may have about who and what Meddy Teddy is.

The story is evolving but his quest remains. How can I bring peace to my heart and to my family.  

Q: So what is Meddy Teddy?

A: Meddy Teddy is both a plush teddy bear and a children's book.

Q: Who is Meddy Teddy?

A: Meddy Teddy is a young teddy bear who learns Yoga and Meditation from Master Teddy. Meddy Teddy is a Plush teddy bear stitched into Lotus position. He can be giving as a gift to you or your child. He learns his lesson's from Master Teddy who is a wise old bear that lives in the same village. Meddy shares what he learns in our stories. 

Q: Where was Meddy Teddy created?

A; Los Angeles is where we are based. Our older brother Thom will tell you the story though of his travels in India. Where he sat in a cave in deep meditation for a month and then a vision of a meditating teddy bear named Meddy Teddy came to his mind's eye.

Q: Why did you create Meddy Teddy?

A: We created Meddy Teddy because we know the importance of being taught these lessons early in life. Maybe on some level we wish we had parents who taught us these values that Meddy Teddy learns through Master Meddy. We know that yoga parents want a way to bridge the gap and find a fun way to share their love for meditation and yoga with there kids.

Q: What is the Meddy Teddy story about?

A: Meddy Teddy is a character that the Jordan Brothers created. Our older brother says the idea of a meditating teddy bear came to him in a vision after he had been mediating in different caves in India for a month.

Q: Who is Master Meddy?

A: He is a very wise bear that loves to teach. He teaches animals of every kind. From Ants to Zebras, Master will find a way to share his humor and insights.

Q: So far you aim to just make a Plush Meddy Teddy Bear that sits in Lotus. Are you going to make any other toys?

A: As of now, our aim is to just bring Meddy Teddy to the world. As the story evolves we will consider bringing some of our other characters to life.

Q: Why have a bear that just sits in Lotus?

A: Meddy Teddy is a small bear but with a big message. We hope that the parents will use Meddy Teddy and his stories as a way to inspire their children to practice meditation and yoga.

Q: What are Meddytations?

A: Meddytations are simple to do. They are 2 minute meditations that will bring calmness to you and your child. Yoga and meditation are safe to do. They have been proven to be effective in reducing stress and cultivating oneness with our world.