Meddy Teddy Foundation

Mission Statement

The Meddy Teddy Foundation works with within communities to bring mindfulness, yoga and meditation to children through our bendable and posable yoga teddy bear, Meddy Teddy.  We aim to create awareness about leading mindful and healthy lives. By focusing on yoga and meditation, we seek to build communities that are driven by healthy practices. 

Our goal is to reach out to children who do not have access to Meddy Teddy. We believe that the right to be healthy, happy, and mindful is not a luxury, rather a necessity. When we inculcate these habits and lifestyle changes into the lives of children, they grow up to be happier and healthier individuals.

To support our mission, we are donating a part of every sale of a Meddy Teddy to the Meddy Teddy Foundation. These donations will go towards gifting Meddy Teddys and other Meddy Teddy products to schools, hospitals, yoga studios, libraries, and community centers. So come forward, and let's join hands to create a better world for our future generations. 

Meddy Teddy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization under the umbrella of the Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation.