Learn How to Half Pigeon

One of Meddy Teddy's favorite yoga poses. We tend to store a lot of stress in our hips, and Half Pigeon is famous for opening up our hips. Meddy Teddy likes to get into Pigeon Pose from Downward Facing Dog. Inhale your right leg up into the air, making sure your hips are squared. Exhale bring your leg through underneath your body through your arms into Pigeon Pose. You want your right leg almost to look like a number 7.

A tip is to glance over your shoulder of the knee that is bent which will put/pull your hip on the opposite side into a square alignment. If you have enough flexibility, you can walk your hands down into Sleeping Pigeon and take a little Pigeon nap. About two minutes per side is good. Repeat for the other side to get evened out and balanced. Take a look at this picture of Meddy Teddy doing Pigeon Pose to get the idea.

How to Do Half Pigeon Pose