Learn How to Do Side-Reclining Leg Lift Pose

A great core strength builder. Meddy loves to practice this pose.

To enter this pose, begin by lying on the left side of the body and rest the head in the palm of the left hand.  Flex the left foot and press the outside of it into the floor.  Bring the right knee into the chest. 

Take hold of the big toe with the fingers and wrap the thumb around the same.  Once balance is achieved in this position, straighten the right leg while holding on to the big toe.

Keep the leg straight while maintaining a soft knee. Flex the right foot and gently pull on the big toe when exhaling. Bring awareness to the left side of the body to increase the grounding of the body.   Hold for desired time and repeat on the right side.

To exit Anantasana, bend the knee of the leg that is raised.  Release the big toe and return the foot to rest on top of the other foot.