Learn How To Do Firefly Pose

Firefly pose is an advanced yoga pose that requires a super strong core and flexible hamstring muscles. The Sanskrit name for Firefly pose is Tittibhasana. Once you have mastered Boat Pose and feel like your core is strong enough we can begin working on Firefly pose. This pose will strengthen your legs, core, shoulders and your back muscles.

Firefly Pose

To get Meddy Teddy into this position, straighten out his arms almost like you would for Plank Pose. Then straighten out his legs and have them pointing up towards the sky. The full variation of this pose will have your butt floating off the mat with your legs fully extended out to the sides. This requires a great deal of mindful awareness. Kids and adults can benefit from trying Firefly because being able to do it means you have mastered many different types of yoga poses. Good luck yogis.

How to Do Firefly Pose