Learn How to Do Easy Pose

For millennia, people all over the world have been sitting on the ground in cross-legged positions such Easy Pose

Although this seated posture looks simple and even commonplace, when you practice it with a clear intention, Sukhasana has the power to draw you deep inside, leading you toward a meditative state and revealing the immense joy present within your heart.

Sukhasana has a whole inner life that you will discover with practice. A well-aligned Sukhasana creates the conditions for a relaxed yet alert state in both the body and mind. The first alignment challenge of this pose is to sit with the legs relaxed while lifting the spine and opening the chest. You will make many small adjustments as you work to distribute your weight evenly over your sitting bones, to balance your shoulders directly over your hips, and to align your head on top of your spine. This takes a surprising amount of core strength, and so repeated practice will tone the entire circumference of your torso—front, sides, and back. As you make all of these small adjustments directed toward extending the spine, your attention will gradually draw inward, toward your heart, allowing you to sit in comfort, with physical balance and mental poise.

Source Yoga Journal