Learn How to Do Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose is a standing pose that requires a lot of mindful focus and balance. Meddy Teddy loves to do this pose because it engages all the major joints in the body. It is almost like your squeezing every joint in your body in the full variation of this posture. 

The Sanskrit name for Eagle Pose is Garudasana (gahr-ooo-DAHS-uh-nuh)

As with all Balancing Poses start in Moutain Pose (tah-DAHS-anna) Feel all of your 10 toes connect with the earth and yoga mat. This will provide you with a nice base and help you increase your stability.

How to do Eagle Pose Meddy Teddy

Swing your right arm under your left arm wrapping your elbows around each other. Then wrap your right leg over your left. You can go all the way for the bind by wrapping your foot around your leg until it tucks behind your ankle, or just kickstand your foot off to the side to help you keep your balance.

Learn How to do Eagle Pose