Learn How to Do Camel Pose

Camel Pose is a great backbend that opens the whole chest up. The Sanskrit name for Camel Pose is Ustrasana (ooh-STRAHS-uh-nuh) - This pose is part of many Power Yoga flows and is part of the Bikram sequence as well. There are multiple layers to this posture. In it's full variation, Camel Pose is a deep quad and knee stretch. This pose is really perfect for spinal and abdominal flexibility.

How to do Cobra Pose with Meddy Teddy

Begin by sitting up on your knees and placing your hands around on your hips. You want to bend more from the upper back than the lower back. This will help not put any unnecessary pressure on your lower back. Have your fingers pointing down towards your yoga mat and take a big inhale lifting your chest up. As you exhale, begin to lower down gently to open up your chest muscles.

Remember to bend more from the upper back says Meddy. If you have the flexibility, you can reach back for your heels. Once you are there, you are two-thirds of the way there. To go for the full variation lay all the way on your back for a deep knee and quad stretch, but only if you got position one and two down good.