Learn How to Crescent Lunge

Learning how to do Crescent Lung is a great way to build stamina and strength in your legs and feet. It also engages your upper body too! This Standing Yoga Posture is often practiced in Sun Salutation C, as a way to praise the morning sky. Like a lot of lunges, it's best to come into this pose through a flow, or vinyasa. From a Downward Facing Dog, Inhale your right leg high into the sky, trying to keep your hips squared. Exhale bringing your right foot under in between your arms landing in a low runner's lounge pose.

Make sure both of your feet are pointing forward. Inhale lifting your arms straight up, like in a Warrior One position. Keep a gentle bend in both of your knees but make sure you don't bend your front knee past your ankle, this is a general rule of thumb to remember in yoga. Twist your hands internally so you open up your shoulders and relax your neck. Meddy Teddy loves this position and has a lot of fun doing it. Take a look at this picture of Meddy Teddy practicing Crescent Lung Pose to give you an idea of how it should look.

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