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Forget Yogi the Bear, the Latest Yoga-Loving Teddy Is Named Meddy

The Meddy Teddy has cooler yoga pants than you.

The Meddy Teddy has cooler pants than you and a total yoga body. (Photo: Meddy Teddy Instagram) This buzzy bear wants to teach your kids yoga.

Searching for the buzzy, must-have gift to bring your friend’s children this summer when you’re forced to be on the same beach as them? Meet Meddy, a teddy bear meant to teach children how to do a wide variety of yoga poses. Meddy even has his own Instagram with over 10,000 followers; the account is the perfect way to entertain a friend’s spawn while traveling.

The teddy bear isn’t just a toy–it’s supposed to help “parents and teachers broach big topics like mindfulness, self-trust, and peacefulness,” all through yoga poses and inspirational messages. It’s quite a bit of pressure for one tiny, little bear. As of now, Meddy is in his initial launch phase, and the estimated date of delivery is early July, so start ordering now to guarantee it arrives before Christmas.

What's better than one yoga-doing bear?

What’s better than one yoga-doing bear? (Photo: Meddy Teddy Instagram)

The Instagram account offers helpful advice like “The one percent of bear knowledge I can give to your practice is this, make yoga fun!” and more inspirational quotes than your saddest friend’s Pinterest board, all of which young children will read while in their most complex yoga poses. Like the cool girls in your Modoclasses, Meddy has chic yoga pants, but they aren’t actually available for the bear yet. For now, you’ll have to D.I.Y. your own. Consider cutting the scraps from your worn out Lululemons to create tiny yoga pants for your new pal.

Meddy Teddy posing.

Meddy Teddy posing. (Photo: Meddy Teddy Instagram)

Now, your overachieving friends who post constant photos of work outs and green juice aren’t the only ones capable of making you feel terrible about yourself…this teddy bear is here to shame you, too. Only one question–if for some reason you’re unable to attend a yoga class you’ve already signed up for, can Meddy Teddy take your place instead?

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Forget Yogi the Bear, the Latest Yoga-Loving Teddy Is Named Meddy