Post purchase Flow

Thank you for your recent purchase!

As a family business, it's our goal to make you very happy with your Meddy Teddy purchase. It's been our dream to see this come to life and to see more bear friends around the world share together.

If you'd like to join the bear fun, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and follow the hashtag #meddyteddy There is a huge bear crowd waiting to see you.


What are customers are saying -


"I just received my Meddy Teddy, keychain, and accessories, I also ordered all the same for my 4 year old niece as well. I am so in love with my Meddy Teddy and the keychain! Everything is so adorable! I knew I would like everything but I really love it and I am so excited and happy! I feel like a little kid! 

A big thank you to Meddy Teddy and all those involved such a wonderful gift!
Have a beautiful day!"

April 27th, 2022