A Meditating Teddy Bear Is Instagram’s Newest Yoga Star

mindfulness meditation yoga teddy bear
YogaDork, I Love You! Thanks for pointing out, I am for all the big kids too, not just the little cubs.  Mindfulness, meditation and yoga all work together to make us happier and healthier.

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He’s furry, he’s cuddly, and he loves to meditate. His name is Meddy Teddy, the meditation Teddy Bear, and he’s Instagram’s next yoga star.

Like a Teddy Ruxpin for the modern age, this little closed-eyed yoga poser is intended to help parents and teachers talk to kids about heady stuff like mindfulness, self-trust, and confidence. Meddy Teddy is the creation of Thom Jordan, who dreamt up the idea while meditating on a retreat (naturally). “I prayed for a way to help people, and after 21 days of meditation, Meddy Teddy popped into my head,” Jordan told People magazine. A 3-week miracle.

Meddy Teddy isn’t just any old bear though, he’s also pretty social media savvy with over 11k followers already on Instagram. His posts are full of inspirational quotes which, if you haven’t noticed, are kind of popular these days.  And let’s face it, he’s pretty adorable.








“He’s a role model and yoga buddy for young ones, but he also teaches both kids and adults the importance of leading healthier, more mindful lives,” says Jordan. “Through his guidance, Meddy hopes to increase people’s self-esteem, empathy and calmness.”

We don’t know how many youngins are watching. But the big kid yogis sure are enjoying it.