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8 New Toys You Should Know About

These next-gen toys are super-cool, educational, send positive messages, and most important – kids want to play with them.

Meddy Teddy

WHO: If they love stuffed animals...

WHAT: It's as soft and cuddly as a normal teddy bear, but Meddy Teddy has an internal system that lets him get into yoga/meditation poses.

WHEN: Created to inspire kids to lead more mindful lives.



WHO: If they love cars and trucks (and you like midcentury-modern design)...

WHAT: Heirloom-quality vehicles modeled after '60s American cars and trucks made of solid beech wood.

WHEN: They're $$ but make a lovely bookshelf display once kids are over playing with them.


Flow & Phreeze Yoga Game

WHO: If they dig Twister...

WHAT: This Twister-ish game (for toddlers - grownups) is so fun, they won't even realize you're teaching them relaxation, building strength, and calming their minds.

WHEN: Before you pass your neurosis onto them.


Girls & Co

WHO: If American Girl dolls are their jam...

WHAT: This new cast of characters all have backstories that include – get this – intelligence and ambition (you know, like their moms). Plus, they're well-made and super-cute.

WHEN: Plant the seed early.


Arrow Smart-Kart

WHO: If they (or let's be honest, you) like go-carts...

WHAT: A swanky electric-powered vehicle is loads of fun for kids but can be controlled by parents via smartphone (think emergency break, max speed).

WHEN: Once they're no longer enthused by the battery-operated ride on.



WHO: For the Magnatiles-obsessed...

WHAT: Building sets created to fill the void of STEM toys geared towards girls, they inspire creativity by not coming with step-by-step instructions.

WHEN: These provide endless entertainment, and boys love them too.


Square Panda

WHO: For toddlers who love video games (and the iPad)

WHAT: This award-winning system lets you pull the old switcheroo and turn the iPad into a phonics lesson (and kids love it).

WHEN: Start as early as age 2.


Boulding Blocks

WHO: If they are into hardcore Legos...

WHAT: This perfect cube is part educational puzzle, part art, and part design – and offers kids 6+ (adults love this one too) endless building opportunities.

WHEN: Turn that kid of yours into an architect.



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