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Hey Yogis, we caught up with Laura, during her teacher training in Brunei - energized and enthusiastic after leading a day of kids yoga workshops to parents.

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Laura started her yoga journey at the age of 15 years old, with her first and most inspirational yoga teacher, her grandmother, who taught her to be humble and playful in her practice.

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Originally from the UK, Laura is a long-term traveler and true-adventurer, committed to life-long learning and to sharing her passion and knowledge of yoga and education with others. 

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She has over 18 years of valuable experience of both yoga and education. Prior to teaching yoga, Laura was an international primary school teacher; with a BA Degree in Education and Special Needs and many years experience of working with children in educational and therapeutic settings throughout Asia and the UK. 

This unique combination of knowledge and experience has enabled Laura to create a unique approach to Children’s Yoga as she combines her knowledge of educational philosophy and teaching methodology with the teachings and practices of all aspects of yoga.

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Laura now travels the world leading Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops to parents, educators, social workers and therapists. She is on a mission to make yoga and meditation accessible to all children across the globe.

Meddy Teddy: Who would you say was a great mentor for you in your journey to becoming who you are as an individual and as a children’s yoga teacher?

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Laura: I have been so fortunate to have many mentors in my life – all of which have supported me to evolve and develop in different areas of my life. One person who continues to be my mentor, a huge inspiration and now a dear friend is the co-founder and manager of the Children’s Charity the Thai Child Development Foundation, Ingrid.

I have been working with the charity for over 3 years now and Ingrid continues to support and empower me, helping me to enhance my self-believe and motivation to continue on my journey of sharing children’s yoga across the globe.

Meddy Teddy: What yoga style do you practice and how do you utilize it to teach kids?

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Laura: I truly believe and have witnessed, that yoga, meditation and mindfulness have profound healing effects on children and teens. My approach to yoga is very holistic, therapeutic and inclusive.

I feel that it is important that we share all aspects of yoga, including breathing techniques, self-awareness, yoga philosophy, mindfulness, concentration, relaxation and meditation strategies, in order for children and teens to truly benefit from the power of yoga as a whole.

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I feel strongly that it is essential that we teach yoga through playful, creative forms such as art, storytelling, music, dance, problem-solving, group discussion and poetry so that children can learn yoga through a language and form that they connect with and enjoy.

Meddy Teddy: Well that's it for now. I really want to thank Laura for taking the time to let me interview her. She is doing amazing work. Laura, last question. Where can everyone find you at?

Laura: You can find me on my Facebook page at 

Or my website at
Thank you Meddy Teddy for the interview.


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