Power Off: Indoor and Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Kids

Power Off: Indoor and Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Kids

 Writer mom entrepreneur Laci Swann of sharpeditorial.com 

Tablets, gaming systems, television, and cell phones – our world is inundated with electronics! People are spending more time than ever in front of a screen, yet there are so many fun activities to do, both indoors and outdoors, that will remind you why there is more fun to be had than with electronics alone. Think of the outdoors – the clear, blue sky, lush parks, and fun playgrounds. Fun also awaits in your very own home – indoor arts and crafts, creating new games, tapping into the imagination, and several other adventures your creative side is dying to tap into.

Remember – children have an immeasurable amount of energy to expend, so even if the weather is forcing the
party indoors, there are still countless ways to enjoy life without resorting to electronics. Here are 10 fun ways to engage your children:


1. Create greeting cards: This can be accomplished inside or outside! Set up an indoor art station or take your craft outside and draw while breathing in some fresh air. Gift the greeting cards to a loved one – a lovely present sure to bring a smile to someone’s face.

2. Build a pillow fort: Gather all of the pillows and blankets you can find and create a wondrous fort! Don’t forget to create a secret password, too!

3. Enjoy kid-friendly yoga stretches: Pick up your Meddy Teddy, grab a mat, and take part in some fun, family yoga! The best part? You can do these stretches inside or outside!

4. Write a story: Instruct each person to write a sentence or two. After the page is full of writing, you will be sure to have an entertaining story to share and enjoy.

5. Go on a nature walk: Turn your nature walk up a notch and create a list of “things to find” on your excursion.

6. Plan a picnic: If the rain is pouring down, enjoy your picnic indoors! Set up a blanket, fill a basket with healthy foods (and a few goodies), and enjoy!

7. Use sidewalk chalk: Draw a hopscotch board, create a special mural, or sketch anything that comes to mind. The sidewalk is your canvas!

8. Plant seeds: Plant seeds and nurture them as they grow – a great indoor or outdoor activity for any season. This activity provides fun for more than a day! The excitement of potential growth will encourage your kids to continue taking care of their special plants.

9. Take part in a scavenger hunt: Write clues and hide them around your home. The kids will race around in hopes to find a small prize at the end of the hunt!

10. Have an indoor camp out: Bring your sleeping bags into the living room, create a mock tent, break out the board games, and snack on s’mores as if you were under the stars in the middle of the woods!

As children grow up, they will remember the fun they had and not the electronic games they won or lost. Do not be afraid to pull the plug. Power down, put away every device, and dive into one of the many activities awaiting your creativity and attention. You will soon discover that your tribe will recharge in an entirely new way when breaking free from anything involving a power button.



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