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Check out three Omazing Mindfulness Tools for your little cubs!!
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Mindfulness Tool Your Kids Will Actually Love

It seems as though each generation is becoming more and more consumed with technology as it becomes a larger part of our daily lives.

Items like our smartphones, which just 20 years ago were non-existent, now seem to be necessities in our lives.  Children no longer see these items as a tool, but as a toy and it’s changing them–it’s changing all of us.

As young children take in more screen time (TVs, video games, smartphones, etc.) it’s changing the way their brains process information. Too much screen time can cause signs of ADD or ADHD in children

While it is possible to take away our children’s toys and screens, I can only imagine our children’s reactions and protests to such a thing! So, what can we do?

Give your children tools to promote mindfulness

Technology is a wonderful thing, so instead of taking it away, try using it to your advantage and introducing your children other mindful learning tools such as these:

Explore the world of coding with Root

So complicated, yet so simple at the same time. Root is a robot that you’ll enjoy just as much as your children will. Place Root magnetically on any whiteboard (or on a piece of paper if you don’t have a whiteboard) and go to work!

Simple coding allows you to draw with Root, wiggle its way through mazes or around a racetrack, and so much more!

Learn more about Root here

Learn to meditate with Meddy Teddy

Yeah, it’s as cute as the name sounds! Meddy Teddy, with his flexible interior and stretchy yoga pants (of course) can help teach your kids yoga and meditation poses in a way they’ll enjoy!

Yoga and meditation have countless benefits for developing minds, some companies are even working on bringing yoga into schools.

Check out Meddy Teddy and buy yours here

Use your imagination and feel enlightened with Chrysalis

The Chrysalis Storybook is a unique story following the journey of a young warrior monkey on a mission to protect the 7 Kingdoms of Soluta. Along the way the young monkey discovers moments of meditation, mantras, and mindfulness—something you too will experience throughout the story.

This is storybook is a fantastic, and engaging way to teach children about mindfulness and meditation.

Chrysalis is not yet available, but you can follow the journey here

Do you know any other mindfulness tools that you’ve use with your children? Share them and your experience in the comments!


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