Mindful Parenting Makes Child Rearing and Emotional Balance Easier

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Parents can have a peaceful home life by using mindfulness each day. See how this practice easily boosts intelligence, patience and focus in the family.

Parenting today differs greatly from when we were children. Moms and dads are now expected to balance work and home life seamlessly, and provide their kids the attention they deserve, whenever they need it.

But with time management being the leading cause of stress in society, finding time to nurture children is a common challenge in many households. For relief, more mothers and fathers are finding that mindful parenting makes child rearing easier. But the benefits of mindfulness don’t end there.

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Take the Worry Out of Parenting

If all we had to worry about, as parents, was the raising of our children, life would be a breeze. Worrying is almost a rite of passage as a parent, for good reason. Our children are exposed to some of the same stresses as adults and yet somehow, parents are expected to guide kids in managing stress well.

Unless we actively practice mindful parenting, our children experience life as a “Do as I say, not as I do” mantra, which doesn’t work for anyone.

By living mindful, parents are better able to manage stress and maintain emotional well-being. Does this go a long way toward enhancing your life? Absolutely! Here’s how:

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Teach Communication, Not Reaction

Mindfulness taps into one’s higher consciousness, allowing thoughts to come in with contemplation, compassion and purpose. Using these methods when communicating to others can help keep relationships on an even keel and emotions in balance.

When miscommunication is avoided, unhealthy, hurtful exchanges and confrontations are avoided as well. This is extremely valuable when interacting with your children, as their emotions often dictate their behavior. Think about temper tantrums in toddlers or tense emotional flare-ups with teenagers. It’s easy for kids to push your buttons and provoke you into an argument.

Mindfulness gives you the mental strength to pick your battles wisely. And when your children see you communicate in a mindful manner, they are more apt to mirror your behavior and, over time, even practice mindfulness.

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Increase Focus and Brain Function

Clarity is golden in communication. With the many distractions we face, it’s hard to come by. Mindfulness, research continues to show, literally increases brain function to engage better focus on what we decide to focus on. 

A recent study from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada monitored adults who practiced yoga and meditation. The results show participants experienced increased levels of brain function, enhancing mood, focus and learning abilities.

Imagine yourself at the dinner table. Your children are seated there with you. More than likely, one of them is texting on their mobile device. You ask them to focus on dinner and the family. How much weight will your request have if you’ve got your mobile device in hand as well? Put distractions on the back burner by keeping mindfulness in front of everything you do.

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Enjoy Living in the Moment, Not in the What-If

Life can be overwhelming for parents with so much to juggle in too little time. One of the many benefits of mindfulness is in its core focus being in the here and now. By staying in the moment, distractions, stressors and worry are lessened so parents can enjoy their children in every moment.

Just a Breath Away from Calm

Remember childbirth? Remember how important it was to follow a deliberate breathing pattern? The same goes for mindfulness. Specific breathing, through mindfulness, helps slow the heart rate, promoting calm and peace of mind.

Mindful Parents Raise Mindful Kids

Now that you’ve got a basic grasp of how mindfulness can make a positive impact on your work-life balance, imagine what it can do to for your kids. As your children watch you live a mindful existence, they will naturally follow your healthy patterns.

The more mindful the household, the more the overall mood levels stay within a healthy range. Resistance to chores, homework and other requests are minimized, making home life more pleasant and productive.

Mindful parenting makes child rearing easier. Now … imagine what the world would be like if all parents practiced mindfulness.

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