Mindful Parenting - Kathy Walsh

Mindful Parenting - Kathy Walsh

Kathy Walsh, award-winning children’s author and mindfulness expert, will be hosting a book reading of her two guides on mindful parenting at Gibson’s Bookstore on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Walsh’s best-selling parenting guides include 30 Days to a Mindful Home and Raising Peaceful Kids. In this high-tech, busy world of today, how do parents create balanced, peaceful environments for their children to grow up in? What is “Mindful Parenting?” And how can parents raise children in a mindful way? Growing up in a family of seven children in a home filled with love, Walsh will share some tips for connecting children to peace through intention, love, gratitude, rituals, positivity and planning. These simple steps help parents connect children to their hearts, think positively and to express their feelings.

Walsh’s books seek to bring mindfulness, peace and positivity into the homes of families across the world.

Kathy Walsh

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