Metalsmithing towards Mindfulness

Metalsmithing towards Mindfulness

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Long time friend, Caitlin Cimino is on her creation path. It took pursuing like most things do, to come to the realization that creating is one of her highest goals she could reach.

Enter Caitlin

I've had many moments of Akhilandeshvari…if you have never heard of this beautiful goddess, her name means "Never Not Broken".
She represents those moments of absolute and complete devastation, where everything you were comfortable with breaks.

But, with all those broken pieces and some time, patience, and a positive mindset, it will lead you to the openness of self-expansion.

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These days I welcome those moments in grey, because I know something profound comes shortly after the heartache and head pains. But in 2010, I had no idea that after my most self-devouring breakdown where I laid in fetal position, crumbled in the tears of my current life-situation, that everything was about to open up… big time.

I needed to center. My mental state depended on it. So, I began practicing yoga & meditated regularly.

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I also had many nightly conversations with the stars and its ocean. "Guide me, please!” was my plea on repeat. The puzzle pieces started slowly connecting. I began following my own innate nature. 

Meditation opened up the space within me that was needed in order to pry apart my mind and heart and release the fog of fear.


I stopped living a life I had always assumed others expected of me. I started living a life true to my own soul's calling.

Whatever my creative being called for, I did it, and I did it fully. With this acceptance of self I developed my true passions: jewelry design & painting. Because my creative passions opened up and I stopped fighting, my heart became a more content and balanced force as my love for humanity was set ablaze.


The past six years have been a whirlwind of fiery desire for love and creating.


“caitlin.cimino (jewelry) was birthed because of a deep moment of Akhiliandeshvari, and is continually expanding. Whether painted on canvas, sketched into metal or enveloped around a self-mined healing stone, I do so lovingly, with pure intentions and daily inspirations.

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I truly believe and have the proof that when you begin to write your own life story, a life story that accepts and embraces your current moments without fear or judgments, your book will open up in ways that you could not have previously fathomed.


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