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Meddy Teddy + Nature Meditation

People have celebrated and practiced yoga outside for thousands for years. Many believe it is to help realign themselves with their inner selves plus true relaxation. So, how can we enjoy doing yoga while also being out in the wilderness? Grab your Meddy Teddy, a soft blanket, and head outside for some amazing relaxation!


Yoga + the Great Outdoors

As we are sitting in the midst of a green park or on a bench on a hiking trail in the mountains, we no longer look at nature as a pretty object that we pass by in our cars. However, we start to look at it as a living and breathing world filled with mystery and beauty that has so much wisdom and lessons that it wants to teach us.


When we connect ourselves away from our homes and modern life, we start to really see what matters. And typically we start to think of the little things that mean the most to us. Without the distractions that make us focus on the cars honking on a street or seeing people walking around with shopping bags with expensive clothes and items, we start thinking inward and what is going on in our own lives. Looking around at nature, we see that it takes care of itself for the most part. This should remind you to always be on the lookout for other ways to take care of yourself, like meditation.


Connecting ourselves to the serene quietness of the outdoors automatically starts a movement of clear mindfulness within us. This helps us start seeing things clearly, bring us happiness, and focus ourselves on the things that matter rather than silly situations that may stress us out.


How To Practice Yoga Outside

Pack up a few things like a water bottle and blanket to go out and experience a new way of yoga. Go to a local park or an area near you where there can be somewhat some peace and quiet so you and your Meddy Teddy can focus on your breathing and thoughts. Once you get situated, sit down in a comfortable position and start taking a few deep breaths.


Watch how nature lives around you. Follow a bumblebee’s path, watch the water as it waves, and listen to the sounds of leaves rustling as the wind blows by. Put your Meddy Teddy next to you and try to imagine the sights he’s seeing from his perspective. After a little while, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths - inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Listen closely to the sounds around you - focus on that and not the thoughts rolling through your head. Try to filter out any thoughts that may cause you anxiety or sadness. Replace them with happy thoughts about the world around you.


Start being mindful of your thoughts. We tend to see good things happen when we’re in good moods and are thinking happy thoughts. However, we see bad things around us when our heads are filled with negative thoughts and emotions. Filter all those ill feelings out and take the time to recognize people and things that you are grateful for. If it helps, talk it out in a peaceful way with your Meddy Teddy and list your top 10 favorite things about your life. He’s a great listener!


If you start to grow bored of sitting down, go for a little stroll on a path near you and observe all the beauty nature has to offer! Now with the Fall season in full swing, walk around to look at the changing colors of all the leaves and admire how beautiful it is when things change. If you’re walking for a while, make sure you’re staying hydrated during all this!


Try It Today!

While meditation anywhere is a great practice to help clear your mind and create a happier you, going outside really helps you connect with your inner self. Your Meddy Teddy is a perfect companion when you want to go outside to try out a new way of yoga. He offers so many awesome positions that are perfect to go with the flow of the nature around you! Tell us how great your experience was by practicing yoga outside and how your Meddy Teddy helped you through the process!


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