Kids Yoga - Learn Lotus

Kids Yoga

When I think about kids yoga I think about fun, excitement and of course yoga! Kids yoga is a blend of games and yoga poses or "asana" 

Let's learn some yoga poses to practice with your kids and Meddy Teddy

 Lotus Pose - Lotus reminds me to sit still and to be peaceful like the beautiful lotus flower.

Lotus prepares your legs and mind for meditation, or as I like to call them Meddytation. Cross your legs one over the other and bring your hands to your heart center. We remember that when we learn to follow and listen to our heart, we always know we are on the right path.

Kids Yoga

Lotus Heart Meddytation: After you have stretched your legs out and are in Lotus position. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your heart. Feel your heart beating and bringing energy and life into your entire body. Focus on sending a soft gentle loving kindness energy to your heart and focus there for a couple of minutes.

Baby doing yoga

Enjoy learning and practicing Lotus with your children and Meddy. I will see you next week for a new pose.




  • Katie O'Brien

    Hi! I’m a pre-k teacher in St. Louis and was wondering if yall do any kind of giveaways or teacher discounts? I do yoga with my little ones almost daily and would love to get Meddy Teddy for my classroom. However, my school doesn’t give us money for the classroom and since it is a Catholic, private school, I do not make a very high salary. I figured I might as well ask and see if there were any discounts or chances to win one! No worries if not. I will probably still end up buying it because I think it’s adorable and have already shown the kids it and now they won’t stop asking about it, hah! Thanks for your time!!


  • Richard

    Hey Meddy! Great little post, this is something I have been waiting for you to do. Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you!

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