Action Eliminates Fear

Action Eliminates Fear

Look at this kitty, his name is Nahbe, and in this moment, he is fearless. 

The question isn't what are you afraid of, but why are you afraid. 

Every fear has its answer, you fixing it. The best way to fix it, take action. When you are living your dream, you are not afraid. When you talk to the girl, the fear left the moment you said the first word. Every action you take eliminates a smaller chunk of the fear out of your mind, and out of your being.

The real question is, why wait. Waiting for something to happen lets the fear in. Being idle, stationary, or fixed in a certain belief system that is not working for you, worsens the realization of what you want coming into your experience.

The top performers have no fear, they have love. They love themselves so much, they will take whatever action is needed to get to where they want. They will sacrifice out of love, not out of fear, to accomplish what they need to get to the next step.

Every time you feel fear, think of Nahbe, and remember his fearlessness. 

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