Meddy Teddy in LotusMeditation reduces stress, improves academic performance, and helps kids handle their emotions. More and more schools are implementing meditation practice into the classroom.  It is a wonderful way for anyone to get centered, and become calm and relaxed. Kids get stressed too! By starting kids at a young age with the tool of meditation, it will be a skill they carry with them for life.




 Many studies prove that children who practice meditation are above the average quotient for behavior, emotion and intelligence. Meditation allows them to have a little time to relax and set themselves free of all sorts of tension and stress.

The Power Of Meditation

Training and consistency are the important factors required to make meditation in schools a successful effort. Studies show that students who practice meditation in schools have low levels of stress hormone called cortisol, when compared to the students who are not into meditation. This clearly shows that medication can make the children calm and relaxed. 

Also, the prospect of meditating as a group with friends will make them more interested in it. The effect of meditation will reflect in their overall performance as well. Here, we shall discuss some of the reasons why meditation should be implemented in schools.

Reduces stress: School is extremely stressful nowadays. Practicing meditation in school will be a great idea to reduce stress in children.  Meditation will provide a positive effect on their physical and mental health.


Improve Academical Brilliance: Students who practice meditation daily in school will show more brilliance in their academics. This is because they are acquiring improved concentration and memory. This is one of the reasons why meditation should be implemented in schools.


Improve Memory: Childhood is a stage where children learn new things, most of which they need to retain and recall throughout their lives. Meditation for even half an hour a day can provide immense benefits in improving memory.

Hormonal Balance: Nowadays, hormonal imbalance is a common problem that kids face due to the change in the food habits and lifestyle. Meditation is a good option to maintain the hormonal balance of the body and this will help to prevent an early puberty.

Deal With Emotions: Childhood is a tender age when they have to deal with many emotions. Practicing meditation will help them deal with their emotions in the right way with the correct attitude. It will also help them to improve their social behaviour.


Making A Habit: What we learn in our childhood will become a habit in our later lives. Children who practice mediation in their school will carry the habit throughout their life. This will help them lead healthy life.

Improve Personality: Designing a perfect personality is one of the importance of meditation for students. It will teach them compassion, kindness, anger management and generosity. Building these qualities right from the childhood will help them to grow up with good personalities. If you wonder why meditation should be implemented in schools, think about these reasons and take an initiative today. 

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